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Can a Laser Stimulate Hair Growth?

I have had laser hair removal with Lumenis Lightsheer for 6 sessions. I am not seeing any improvement after the 4th session. Actually, on the 4th... READ MORE

Regret having Laser Hair Removal after 1 session: Will my hair grow back?

After 1 brazilian Laser hair removal (LHR) treatment I decided that I wanted to keep some hair.  Only "after" the LHR session I panicked and have... READ MORE

Should I continue to get laser hair removal even though I have not seen results?

I got laser hair removal done a couple months ago and it was my 3rd time getting it done. I saw a difference for a little bit but then it was pretty... READ MORE

Does hair grow back if you are in birth control?

I have had 2 sessions of laser hair removal in my under arms and sideburns. I have been thinking about getting on birth control. Does birth control... READ MORE

Will the hair on my forehead and eyebrows grow back after a messy laser removal? Can i do anything to stimulte growth?

Originally my hairline was very low: 1st treatment- she lasered a small amount as requested 2nd- she lasered a LOT more which I didn't ask for. 3rd-... READ MORE

Does threading or waxing after Laser Hair Removal make the hairs grow thicker?

My facial hair wasnt too thin and wasnt suitable for laser. Now after 8 session because of all the shaving ive done i have ended up with bear like... READ MORE

I had my lower beard treated and it made even worse (4 weeks post) - advice appreciated.

I have always had mild pseudofolliculitis barbae (redness around hair follicles in my beard - especially after shaving).  I finally decided to... READ MORE

I had Laser hair removal on hairline and sideburns. Any suggestions on Yag lasers? (photos)

I just got laser hair removal on my hairline and sideburns. I am Mexican and so I have medium/brown skin. They used the alexandrite laser on me, Is... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal in between my eyebrows and they have removed part of main eyebrow. When will it grow back?

This was my 6th session and up until then, it was successful but I had a different person using the laser on me and they have caught the side of both... READ MORE

Laser Went Above Hairline, Will It Grow Back? 2 Treatments with GentleYAG.

I had two treatments done on the back of my neck, but I guess I wasn't very clear with the technician and it doesn't look very even now. I... READ MORE

What Are The Causes of Female Chin Hair?

Why do women get thick dark chin hair? It seems to get worse as women get older — it gets thicker and it grows so fast, also turns white. Will laser h... READ MORE

Why does chin hair grow back so fast?

Please help! What is the reason that chin hair grows back so freakishly fast, even after removing it with an epilator which is supposed to keep hair... READ MORE

Does one laser treatment permanently remove hair?

Hi- I've been doing laser hair removal on my face for the past year but my last session was a nightmare. The technician accidentally burnt off a... READ MORE

All I want to know is why laser treatment not actively effecting upon my facial hair?

I hav been trough 7 consective laser sessions.but it doesnt effect well my hair growth as they grew back in 20 days.laser only positively effects on... READ MORE

Is NoNo Hair Removal and/or Silk'n Flash and Go safe for a 16 yr old to use?

Hi! I'm 16 and always been conscious about the hair on my body. I don't mind it on my legs & underarms bc I can just shave but I have peach fuzz on my... READ MORE

I had a years worth (12 sessions) of laser hair removal on my face. Is there any chance to grow it back? (photos)

I had a delayed puberty due to being born with Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, grade 3. Being resistant to testosterone, I had soft, fair... READ MORE

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