Folliculitis + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal for Folliculitis?

Unfortunately from constant shaving and what I guess is sensitive skin, I am now having a problem with folliculitis on my legs, and I was thinking of... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Someone Prone to Folliculitis or Abscess?

I am an otherwise healthy, young male of color that is prone to recurrent folliculitis located along the lateral border of my perineum. It reoccurs... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Laser Hair Removal for Chronic Folliculitis?

I'm a 21-year-old male, on antibiotics every 2-3 weeks for the infections that get very bad and painful without treatment. I also have extreme... READ MORE

Can I Tan if I Cover the Portion of my Body That is Getting Laser Hair Removal?

I have very light skin and I suffer from Folliculitis on my chest. Tanning is my last result and it's been the only thing that helps. I have tried... READ MORE

Would Laser Hair Removal Treat my Folliculitis?

I have been dealing with a recurring folliculitis problem on the back of the scalp/neck that i am wondering how to treat. it has been ongoing for... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps that take almost a month to go away after Laser Hair Removal. Is this normal?

I've recently had my 2nd full body laser hair removal session, and this is the second time some areas on my body mainly legs &arms completly break out... READ MORE

Is It Better to Get Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal to Treat Folliculitis?

I heard electrolysis can create folliculitis but laser can get rid of it and vice versa so which would be better to treat folliculitis? and is it... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Prevent Future Recurrence of Folliculitis in Male Genital Region?

I occasionally have bouts of folliculitis in the genital area (including scrotum, shaft, and pubic area). The folliculitis is triggered by having... READ MORE

Deep Hyperpigmentation from Folliculitis Scarring. What Treatment Would Be Best if Lightening Creams (4% Hydrqnone) Do Not Work?

I am an african american male affected by Folliculitis of the beard for several years and just recently I had laser hair removal (Gental Yag Laser) to... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Folliculitis on my Chest?

I have had it for the past two year. I have very fair skin with white hair so I don't think laser hair removal will work. I'm also for the most part... READ MORE

Folliculitis won't go away!!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had this issue for about a year now. I avoid tight clothing and use primarily cotton underwear. Have been on oral antibiotics, cleansed daily... READ MORE

How Can I Stop Folliculitis From Spreading Every Time I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Ever since I've started getting laser hair removal on my back, shoulders, and nape of neck I've been experiencing what has been diagnosed by multiple... READ MORE

I have folliculitis and I am considering laser hair removal. Are there any other products I can use to heal it?

I have had folliculitis for about 2 years now and it is extremely embarrassing and painful in my pelvic and butt area. I have tried antibiotics,... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Work on my Folliculutis on my Buttox with Very Light Hair?

My folliculitis becomes inflamed from friction from tight pants, can this be fixed with laser hair removal? READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal and Hyperpigmentation?

Hello, I had laser hair removal done 4 months ago on my face. Everything went well for the first couple of days. But 4 days later when I shaved I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Folliculitis?

I had some few folliculitis on my back of the head before 2 years. I had it checked from times to times .But it couldnt help to cure .Now there are... READ MORE

How to prevent folliculitis after 2nd Laser Hair Removal?

Hey! This year, I decided to go for laser hair removal on my back. Went really well.. but, similar to EVERY other situation where I have waxed/shaved... READ MORE

Facial Laser Hair Removal, Breakout Acne or Folliculitis?

Hi, I am 28, female, never had acne before. I am having facial hair removal and have done 6th sessions so far. Since my 3rd treatment my skin has... READ MORE

Folliculitis After Hair Removal? (photo)

I used to have a very complicated case of Pseudofoliculitis barbae. As in my working shaving is imperative for contamination issues, I was forced to... READ MORE

Is it normal to get folliculitis after laser hair removal? (photo)

I started using over counter triple antibiotic ointment to make it better and ended up going to the place thT did my laser hIr removal. The center... READ MORE

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