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IPL Laser Rosacea

Does IPL or photo facial effectively treat Rosacea and how long will the redness stay away? READ MORE

Is Bruising Normal After IPL?

I have fair skin and use IPL to treat rosacea. It's been three years since last IPL and just had it done on Friday (they have a new technician at... READ MORE

My Skin Changed for the Worse Soon After IPL. Is my Skin Possibly Damaged from the IPL? (photo)

Been getting IPL 3x year for the last 6 years for Rosacia. It has worked well to keep the flareups and redness to a minimum. However, this past summer... READ MORE

Intense Pulsed Light Rosacea - Will It Reduce Facial Redness?

I'm 20 and have rosacea. It started to appear at around 15 and got steadily worse. Face is red most of the time now, particularly the nose. Also... READ MORE

Redness And More Visible Broken Blood Vessels After IPL for Rosacea- Normal?

I had my first IPL treatment for rosacea a few days ago. My face is still red, and the my broken vessel is more visible. Is it normal on the first... READ MORE

IPL or Laser Treatments for Rosacea Treatment?

I have rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. Which would be better, IPL or laser treatments? A bad experience with IPL on my chest left welts under... READ MORE

Is SCITON Profile Really the Best IPL Technology on the Market?

Although the Dermatology Centre at our local University claims to use "state of the art" IPL technology with SCITON Profile, the price (650... READ MORE

Safe Cosmetic Treatments with IPL Rosacea Treatment?

In order to stop the flaring I need more IPLs but am concerned of the fillers beneath the skin.Any other ideas instead of IPL/Lasers? topicals dont... READ MORE

Timing Between IPL and Microdermabrasion

Hello... I am doing IPL to treat my rosacea, high pigmentation, sun and pregnancy spots. I also want to get microdermabrasion to achieve better... READ MORE

I Have a Blood Blister Formed over a Capillary Under my Eye, and the Broken Capillary is Much Larger. Will It Go? (photo)

Had my 5th session of IPL for rosacea on my face on Tuesday, it is now Friday afternoon. I am fine with swelling and coffee grounds, they will go... READ MORE

Had 2 IPL Sessions for Rosacea. Flushing Much More & More Persistent Redness Than Before Procedure. Should I Continue? (photo)

I chose IPL to help with my rosacea, persistent redness & flushing. After my 1st session, I was fine. I had my 2nd session almost 4 weeks ago... READ MORE

Treatment Frequency for IPL for Rosacea?

I just began a series of six IPL treatments for redness and small visible vessels from rosacea. The nurse told me to come once per week, but most of... READ MORE

2 IPL treatments, face gotten worse, what's this outbreak? (Photo)

I had two IPL in the past month. I was diagnosed with Rosacea and Dermatitis. When I had my first IPL treatment, skin was ok. However, the last one... READ MORE

Are Different IPL Settings Required to Treat Mild Rosacea and Very Light Sun Spots or Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

My first IPL treatment removed most of the sun spots on my nose where they were most noticable and had some success with cappilaries around my nose.... READ MORE

How many sessions of IPL will it take for my rosacea to improve?

I am 21 i have rosacea it isnt server but it is noticable, would it improve after one session of IPL ? Also how often could i have them would 2 in 2... READ MORE

IPL for Rosacea by a Technician or a Dermatologist?

I have just returned from a second consultation at our local University in Canada. Although I already saw the dermatologist for a consultation, I had... READ MORE

Lumpy Skin After Limelight IPL - Will This Go Away?

I received a limelight IPL for roseacea yesterday and almost immediately my skin felt (and looks in the right light) lumpy. I have had IPL many times... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between LHE and IPL?

I had LHE treatments recently to treat rosacea and it was a complete waste of money. I thought LHE was a "photofacial" but now I see that I may have... READ MORE

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