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Considering IPL: How Essential is It That I Consult with a Doctor First?

I'm pretty certain that IPL is the appropriate remedy for my red spots (broken veins around the nose and on the cheek) and freckles. Neither are... READ MORE

Will these red spots go away from an IPL treatment yesterday? (photo)

They look like bruises?? I am not sure if they are bruises or more broken capillaries? READ MORE

Small red spots after IPL? (photo)

I had an IPL treatment 3 days ago. Things are going fine, except I have a few flat, dark red spots under my eye in a small cluster (see pic). There... READ MORE

What should I do about break out of spots all over face after having IPL to remove dark spots around my chin area?

I have had IPL to remove some dark spots around my chin area, since the 1st treatment I have been having lots of red spots around my whole face area.... READ MORE

I got a laser treatment to remove a red spot on my nose, and now it is very dark and I'm worried?

Hello everyone! So I recieved 2 laser treatments for this small bright red dot on my nose that made me like Rudolph. The first treatment didnt really... READ MORE

Burned from IPL and left with a brownish/red mark under my eye - Which lasers will work best? (Photo)

I had a bbl burn THREE wks ago (the dr tried to treat a super black bruise under the eye). i blistered in a couple of areas and i am left with... READ MORE

I Want To Have Brown And Red Spots Removed From My Chest, Shoulders, Forearms And Lower Legs. What Is The Best Way To Do This?

I thought this would be 2 different laser procedures (a V Beam for the red spots and IPL for the brown spots. I had a consultation with a... READ MORE

Is there any way to reverse a bad IPL treatment ?

I wanted to get rid of freckles and brown spots so had IPL done. Much to my dismay, it only brought on more and made what I have darker. Not only... READ MORE

IPL for brown spot and red spot on lip line?

I have a single solar brown spot located right on my lip line and a single red spot just above the lip line. Is there any contraindication to treating... READ MORE

What can I expect after an IPL for redness and how far apart do I need to space laser treatments?

I just got my 6th IPL to target brown spots. I've always been happy with them, however, this time I didn't get great results. I spoke with the spa... READ MORE

Any suggestions for IPL damage?

I had gotten ipl for some red spots on my cheeks. After I noticed larger pores and scars in the shape of small lines and half moon scars. I also got... READ MORE

Will IPL remove a non raised red dot I have on my cheek

If IPL does not work will any method of laser work to remove it READ MORE

Had 1 IPL treatment and two weeks later had liquid nitrogen on a brown spot on face. So the liquid nitrogen did not work either?

The first IPL treatment left a red spot, which turned brown, below the original spot. My Dr. gave me a cream for the brown spot and it did clear up... READ MORE

Dark red mark in eye bag after IPL, will it fade? (photo)

I had IPL on my face done 2 days ago for a couple of small broken vessels around my nose and general rosacea. I asked the doctor to take the IPL into... READ MORE

Using Philips Lumea for IPL hair removal and experienced red/brownish spots and blemishes on my leg, advice? (photo)

The marks are like blemishes, some are slightly raised. These have been on my skin for around 1 month now, I was hoping they would go away. I don't... READ MORE

What should I do about bleeding a month after IPL? (photos)

32 Days after IPL superficial bleeds. IPL doc thinks it may be bleeding from blood vessels on surface 1 IPL tx (Sciton BBL, 2 passes, 515 and 560... READ MORE

I have red and brown spots 5 weeks after IPL hair removal. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, its been 5 weeks since i had my 3rd ipl hair removal on my leg. i developed a severe rash days after a treatment and the itch subside after about... READ MORE

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