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Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

IPL or Fraxel Laser to Treat Hyperpigmentation on Leg?

About 4 years ago I had sclerotherapy on my legs and as a result, have some pretty nasty-looking hyperpigmentation areas. I'm nervous about what to do... READ MORE

Will the Burn Marks Disappear on my Leg After IPL Treatment?

I had IPL treatment on 16 April 11, nearly two weeks, the burn marks are getting darker, no sign of disappearance. I extremely concern these will... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps on my legs after IPL. Is there any way this can be improved? (photos)

Hi ive just done my 3rd treatment on my lower legs 2 days ago, and now my whole legs are covered on red itchy bumps, similar to rash. im afraid they... READ MORE

IPL for Perifollicular Hyperpigmentation on Leg?

I have this perifollicular hyperpigmentation due to laser diode hair removal. Could this be improved with IPL pigment treatment? there is no keloid... READ MORE

What to Expect After IPL Hair Removal on Legs?

Hi I had my first IPL session on full legs three days ago, prior to that I had a patch test. I was alright for the first day but now I have red... READ MORE

Does IPL hair removal work for ingrown hair under the skin? (Photo)

I have a coarse hair covering my whole body. I also have ingrown hair specially on my legs. My embedded hairs are very deep under my skin which I can... READ MORE

IPL for Hair Removal and PIH?

About a year ago i started 808mn Laser Diode hair removal treatment. After 10 treatments in face, legs, arms, underarms , i have not remove the hair... READ MORE

Hyper pigmentation or tattoo from black marker pen in contact with IPL laser, is this permanent?

72 hours on from ipl hair removal. The beautician went over the areas she had asked me to mark with the ipl laser. I'm now left with as attached,... READ MORE

No Results after 4 IPL Sessions. Settings high enough? (Photo)

I had 4 IPL sessions and I can't see relevant results. I got the infos of the settings they used. Are they too low? Could that be a reason why it... READ MORE

I had ipl on patches of my legs 5 hours ago. I'm so worried about what's happened? (photo)

The beautician told me to mark the areas in advance. I did so with black marker pen. She went over the lines themselves and now I have raised dark red... READ MORE

Does Shaving Leg Hair in Between IPL Sessions, Ensure Hair to Be in the Anagen Phase for the Next Session?

After each IPL sessions some hairs are left unaffected. By the time I get to my following session (after 10 weeks), these hairs are very long. My... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7... READ MORE

Would OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) treatment work on Spider Veins?

Does OPT work well for spider veins on the legs? If so, how many treatments would be required. READ MORE

IPL for Brown Spots and Spider Veins on Lower Legs?

If IPL works for brown spots and veins on the face, hands, and chest would it do the same for age spots and spider veins on the lower legs? If not,... READ MORE

Can I Epilate After IPL?

I have had 5 treatments of IPL on my legs and bikini line. I am to have a 6th session but not for another 3/4 months (doctor is on holiday). I wanted... READ MORE

2 days post op Second IPL treatment on my lower legs. I got an extremely itchy rash/bumps. Any suggestions?

I am taking Xergic tablet once a day which helped with the itchiness slightly. I am putting on aloe vera and Soov cream on legs as well. Today it is... READ MORE

Could IPL Hair Removal Make Hair Thicker?

I have been doing IPL hair removal for the past 10 months. After 4 sessions, most of my hair have either fallen ore thinned and grow very slowly,... READ MORE

Why are my legs still itchy 2 weeks after my 2nd session of IPL for hair removal? (photos)

I went to my 2nd session of IPL for hair removal. After, my legs were extremely itchy, and had small red bumps. They told me it was because I had... READ MORE

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