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Two IPL Treatments Instead of 4 to 5?

I consulted with a dermatologist about IPL treatment to remove age spots or sun discoloration on my face, chest, and hands. He recommends only 2... READ MORE

Just Had Second Ipl Treatment on Hands

Hi just had second treatment on hands with ipl. Doctor said he was disappointed with results of first treatment. Spots darkened but never faded. He... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Working?

I had ipl for sunspots on face hands and arms 11 days age. Test patches caused coffee grinds but treatment has just caused mild darkening of patches.... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7... READ MORE

I am 64 yrs old and have age spots on my hands. I have thin skin and blue veins popping out. How will IPL affect my veins?

Hi.. my hands have several age spots now that make me look older then I feel! I am concerned about the very thin skin and I have blue veins that... READ MORE

Is IPL treatments permanent or do you need to repeat every 3 months?

I had lps laser treatment done on sun spots on my hands - i am confidend that it will be gone with 2 -3treatments. Is this a permanent solution or... READ MORE

Fair skinned 37 year old redhead female with lots of freckles on shoulders, arms and hands - would BBL treat? (photo)

Looking to remove or at least reduce the freckling as I feel very self concious in summer particularly. Some of the freckles are low contrast, would... READ MORE

IPL Burn - should I be doing anything else? (photos)

Photo of my back 10 days after my first ever IPL treatment (back, face, hands, chest). I have dark rectangular marks (they went from red to brown).... READ MORE

Can IPL make brown spots on hands worse? (photos)

Top picture is before. Bottom picture is 19 days post IPL. I have more spots than before I started treatment. I used Retin-a for the first 2 weeks and... READ MORE

I've had 4 IPL sessions to treat sun spots on my hands without any improvement. Is it worth having any more?

I have had 4 ipl treatment on my hands and some of the spots still have not gone is it worth having any more sessions READ MORE

I'm 50 and my sun spots on my hands really show my "age", I have decided to go with the IPL Light Treatment Therapy to remove.

It is my understanding that this may take more than 1 treatment, spaced out (1 month apart). Is it normal think that my sun spots, or age spots on my... READ MORE

Will this get better? Any suggestions for additional treatment for me to resolve this? (Photo)

Lease shorten your question. I had ipl done to treat freckles on my hands about 2 weeks ago and it resulted in burns. Scabs fell off in about 10 days... READ MORE

How effective is IPL hair removal treatment for Asian male on hands with skin type 4?

I went through elight Ipl hair removal treatment on my full hands and I had a great result lasting for 5 months after 8 sessions completed now the... READ MORE

Will IPL reduce the effects of fat transfer to my hands?

Five months ago I had fat transfer to my hands.(I'm very pleased with the results.) I'm now considering IPL for the age spots on my hands. Will that... READ MORE

I'm Indian with fair complexion. My hands, arms, back, buttock and thighs have KP. I am feeling my hand is pigmented (Photo)

Due to exposure to sun. Does IPL helps in both removing the KP redness or brownness which is remaining after using Glytone which cleared up the bumps.... READ MORE

IPL burn on hands - how long until skin appears normal? (photos)

Prior IPL on hands w/o problems. New Dr/dermatologist this time. When local wore off felt like bad sunburn, like before. But this time lasted all... READ MORE

What are the real facts of laser hair removal on Asian male with skin type 4, specially on full hand?

Hello Doctor i would like to know the facts of what will be the result of laser hair removal on skin type 4 men while reducing the arm's hair and what... READ MORE

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