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After IPL I Have Two Burn Blisters and Dark Marks That Never Existed - is This Normal?

After IPL , I have two burn blisters on my forehead and darkened marks that never existed on my forehead, and this was the clearest part of my face...... READ MORE

Little Bumps All over Face After IPL Treatment

I have tiny little bumps all over my face after receiving my first IPL treatment almost a week ago. It's more severe on the forehead area. It... READ MORE

Best Melasma, Redness and Large Pores Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

I am 33 years old, and have sensitive skin (i.e. I don't respond well to glycolic acid). My cocerns are: slight browness/possible melasma on my... READ MORE

Treatment for IPL Complications?

In February, I had a "Vitalize" chemical peel which left some red capillaries. I went back a month later to have an IPL treatment for... READ MORE

Post-IPL Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

I am indian female 22yrs. i had some tanning on my forehead and my dr suggested ipl ,but after ipl my skin scabbed and now my whole face is... READ MORE

Burn from IPL - will it scar? How long until it heals? Nurse from med spa says it will 100% but not convinced (Photo)

Asian female, age 32. Average sun exposure living in Los Angeles. I am not new to IPL and never had any extreme response to any laser before. This was... READ MORE

6 days after IPL, spots forehead is lighter. Is this Hypopigmentation? (photo)

I had IPL done last Friday (6days ago) and I had no burns,blisters, or too much swelling. My primary concern was broken caps on my right cheek. On day... READ MORE

Are scabs and bruises normal after IPL? (Photo)

Yesterday I got an IPL treatment done and noticed my forehead looks like it's bruised and scabby. As well as under my chin. It hurts at times. Is this... READ MORE

How Safe ALA-PDT+IPL Post Radiotherapy?

Proposed treatment for AK 2.5yr post head/neck radiotherap fractionated dose 64Gytotal ;piloseb unit assessed as ok but drierskinPilosebaceous unit... READ MORE

Skin lupus - did this happen because of the IPL?

I had lpl on my face and within a week my forehead developed a red blotch that was getting larger and l developed red blotches on my cheek and between... READ MORE

IPL recovery?

I had ipl more than 2 weeks ago to treat my rosacea. I've had many ipls in the past with no problem. This time the forehead (which was an area i have... READ MORE

Bumps on forehead - IPL laser? (photos)

I was currently diagnosed with moderate Rosacea & I can't seem to get a smooth forehead. I am using finacea gel & going to start doxycycline.... READ MORE

Does IPL remove forehead hair?

Recently i was making ipl sessions to widen my forehead.. after several seasions i didnt find the gd result i was expecting.. in afraid this thing... READ MORE

Do the Burn Marks from IPL Ever Fade Away Completely?

Hi i have had 2 session of ipl treatments. i am skin type 4 with my forehead sightly more tanned that the rest of the face. first time i did the... READ MORE

I have a line dent in my forehead after Ipl and radio frequency. Is this fat loss due to the treatment?

Hi there, I used ipl combined with raidofrequency. Two months later I have a line dent in my forehead is this fat loss due to the ipl/rf treatment?... READ MORE

What to do when scab peels off after IPL, leaving whitish/slight pinkish "new" skin? (photo)

Had IPL on entire face 4 days ago by RN. I had pigmentation (melasma?) at forehead, so levels there were set higher. Device used was Alma 360; it was... READ MORE

Will superficial peel or IPL treat light brown discoloration caused by Neostrata after 4 months, or worsen it? (Photo)

I had this done many times before with good results(IPL&peel).Before my last treatment I had more sun exposure than usual and my skin was dry(always... READ MORE

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