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IPL for Redness After Accutane?

I was on Accutane 2 years ago. I know that a common side effect of Accutane is flushing and redness, but it's supposed to go away after the treatment.... READ MORE

Had 2 IPL Sessions for Rosacea. Flushing Much More & More Persistent Redness Than Before Procedure. Should I Continue? (photo)

I chose IPL to help with my rosacea, persistent redness & flushing. After my 1st session, I was fine. I had my 2nd session almost 4 weeks ago... READ MORE

Why only prednisone make my skin look normal?

My skin is constantly with a flushing/blushing look, it gets white when I press it but it returns after a few seconds. I also have severe Keratosis... READ MORE

Must I be flushing at time of IPL treatment for Rosacea flushing? What wavelength is most effective for this type of Rosacea?

I have the flushing type of Rosacea and treat with the Lumenis M22 and the 590nm filter. The M22 cut sheet states the 515nm filter is targeted for... READ MORE

Would IPL help my rosacea skin? (Photos)

I have rosacea induced by adapalene, which gave me redness and flushing. I tried metronidazole and soolantra but these resulted in acne I haven't been... READ MORE

Does this look like hyperpigmentation after IPL? (Photo)

I had IPL treatment a week ago to treat flushing and broken capillaries. The swelling is gone, but my skin looks worse than before. READ MORE

IPL/BBL versus Vbeam for flushing and permanent redness from Rosacea.

I have pale skin with mild Rosacea on my cheeks and chin, mainly flushing with permanent pink/red areas. I have visited a couple of cosmetic... READ MORE

What can I do about IPL damage? (Photos)

I got 2 IPL BBL treatments and now i have lots of fine lines all over my face that was not there before. I'm suppose to get 4 more treatments to get... READ MORE

IPL - postponing final two treatments...

I have had 4 sessions of IPL for red veins/flushing. Two more treatments are recommended for best outcome. I am concerned re having these coming into... READ MORE

2nd IPL and my veins are worse. There seems to be more, and I can't stop flushing. What can I do?

Had ipl dec&it helped a lot could still see broken veins but not as bad&the flushing seemed to calm down&redness.went back for my2nd ipl 3 wks they... READ MORE

IPL & bad 24/7 flushing & burning face only where I had the IPL ? On doxycycline for infection NO ROSACEA. IPL 4 fine lines.

Had 2 IPL sessions while on Doxycycline.The first time I turned pink and started to flush & burn in about 24 hours. Had another IPL session about 3... READ MORE

IPL vs PDL for flushing treatment?

Normally my face looks nearly normal. But it can get really red due to triggering factors (particularly change of temperature). Which treatment should... READ MORE

What IPL laser would is recommended to treat Rosacea? (photo)

Redness an flushing to the face. Im currently being treated with the saprono xl. READ MORE

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