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If a Hair is Plucked Shortly Before IPL Treatment, Will It Still Respond?

As said, I have had many problems with shaving, ingrown hairs, and irritation. I have to pluck a great deal of my facial hair to reduce these symptoms... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effects from Palomar IPL Machine?

After being recommended IPL by my dermatologist for my sparse, thin beard because of chronic ingrown hairs and blemishes, I'm thinking of doing it.... READ MORE

Facial Hair Loss Permanent After IPL?

I currently went through and IPL treatment it has been three weeks since the treatment. I still have facial redness in spots which is highly magnified... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Redness Without Damage to Facial Hair

(i am 19yr male). i have been considering getting ipl done to get rid of the redness that stretches across my cheeks (it covers areas of facial hair)... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal on Face Does Not Work?

Hello, I've been doing IPL hair removal on my face and legs for a year now. While my legs have responded well, my face has not. The hairs were very... READ MORE

I got MORE facial hair after IPL treatment through the shaving, what can I do?

I have light-medium skin, brown-dark brown hair and poly-cystic ovaries. I started IPL hair removal 2 years ago on my face. Since the fuzz on my... READ MORE

Is Sciton BBL Good for Hair Removal from Brow Color Skin with Thick and Coarse Hairs?

I have brown color skin with both thick and soft facial hairs. Is Sciton BBL laser machine good for such kind of skin, and if yes then which filter is... READ MORE

Grayness After IPL

Hi I suffer from PCOS so I used IPL treatment for 2 years to reduce facial hair. After the treatment you are required to shave the hair. After the 1st... READ MORE

IPL Laser Burn Scar Treatment?

Hello Doctors, I did IPL laser session for facial hair 45 days back and got burnt and left up with this ugly scar, so I was wondering will it improve... READ MORE

Would 1 IPL treatment permanently remove facial hair on upper beard area? (Photo)

I am an 18 year old male and like having facial hair. I received the treatment about 3 weeks ago. A tiny part of my upper beard area was treated on my... READ MORE

How Many IPL sessions required for Male Facial Hair Removal and how often?

Almost everything I've found online is regarding Females which I imagine makes a big difference. I've been shaving since I was 15 (32 now) and I'm... READ MORE

IPL facial hair removal and unwanted hair loss on scalp?

I've been undergoing IPL hair removal on my face for about 18 months (treatments are about every 4-6 weeks) and I have noticed the hair on my head... READ MORE

IPL and patchy facial hair regrowth.

Sorry to bother but I had a single IPL session in Bali for sun damage and I now have bare 'bands' where my beard used to be. I didn't expect or want... READ MORE

What to do when facial hair is increased after IPL treatments? (Photo)

I bought a BellaLite By Silk'n, and used it on my legs, underarms, and upper lip and chin area for fine but dark hair, with the highest setting. After... READ MORE

For woman between facial chin IPL treatment - shave v. wax?

As a woman - my chin facial hair between ipl treatment can be shaved.. i dont see myself walking with the hairgrowth until the next session... some... READ MORE

If i wax my beard before getting an IPL treatment, will it save my facial hair from getting destroyed?

I've read that if you want to actually get an IPL for the purpose of removing hair, then you should not wax it prior, as this will render the... READ MORE

Is it safe to pluck facial hair before IPL?

Hi, I am a male with some redness and post acne marks on my left cheek. I had one IPL months ago and the results were great. I wanted to go a little... READ MORE

At-home IPL Suitable for Hair Removal on Jaw and Top Lip?

I'm considering buying a home IPL machine and want to know if it is suitable for hair removal on the jawline and top lip. I spend hours... READ MORE

How to get rid of paradoxical hypertrichosis after laser treatment? I've had 12 IPL sessions, 9 of Diode, 2 double pulse (Photo)

I started taking laser treatment for facial hair when I was 20. now I am 25 and although I had good result on the upper lip area . Got a paradoxical... READ MORE

No Results On Facial Hair With IPL. Will Coolglide Laser Be Effective?

I Have Facial Hair on my Face, Ive Already Done IPL Treatment Which Did Not Work, Am Very Disappointed, Wasted Alot of Money. Now am thinking of doing... READ MORE

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