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What Are Those Black Specks on the Skin After IPL?

What are the black specks (coffee ground looking things) on the skin after IPL treatment? Is that pigment? READ MORE

After IPL I Have Two Burn Blisters and Dark Marks That Never Existed - is This Normal?

After IPL , I have two burn blisters on my forehead and darkened marks that never existed on my forehead, and this was the clearest part of my face...... READ MORE

Will Brown Areas After BBL Flake Off?

Yesterday, I had my first full facial BBL treatment (similar to an IPL). I have fair, freckly skin. 24 hours later, my freckles and age spots and... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have a Microdemabrasion Done After IPL and How Long Should I Wait?

I had an IPL tratment done to treat hyperpigmentation. Is been 4 days and the dark spots had gotten darker down time has been too long. Procedure was... READ MORE

IPL 3 Days Ago - Now I Have Maybe 3-4 "Coffee Grind" Spots. Is This Normal?

Called Dr. She said come back in after one week and she would re-do procedure. Is this ok to do again after one week. Also I have friends that had... READ MORE

How to treat dark spots after pregnancy?

I got melasma during my pregnancy. I feel my dark spots on my forehead and cheeks are getting darker. Will IPL be a treatment for my condition or... READ MORE

IPL Vs. ProFractional Resurfacing?

I am 29, have pale-ish olive skin. Have darker, pigmented spots on my face,some fine lines, light acne scarring on my forehead, and several broken... READ MORE

Removing Scabs After IPL

My face is still covered by very dark spots 2 days after IPL. I have a big presentation in 2 days. It is safe to remove half dried scab myself or... READ MORE

Just Had Second Ipl Treatment on Hands

Hi just had second treatment on hands with ipl. Doctor said he was disappointed with results of first treatment. Spots darkened but never faded. He... READ MORE

IPL Brown Spots Darker but Not Flaking?

I had bbl one week ago. My first one made brown spots turn dark brown like coffee grounds and fell off. This past one turned the spots light brown/tan... READ MORE

IPL: Heaps of Coffee-ground & Dark Spots

I just had IPL today on my face (approx 2 hrs ago) and there is coffee-ground spots and just other dark freckles everywhere! I am 26 years old, and... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Fraxel Laser for Stubborn Sun Spots or Melasma?

I've tried many treatments for facial sun damage/melasma. My last attempt is either IPL or Fraxel Laser. Since they're both very costly, I'd like... READ MORE

Why Is There No Difference After 2nd IPL Session?

After my 1st IPL session, I had immediate dark spots that fell off within a week! Great improvement! 4 wks later, at my 2nd IPL session (at another... READ MORE

AFT Vs IPL for Dark Spots?

Which treatment is better? AFT or IPL? And how long will the results from either last? I have large dark spots on my cheeks and chin from tanning as... READ MORE

I Got my IPL Done for Brown Spots and After 3week I Look Worse?

After 5 day IPL, brown spots fell off and turned to pink. A few days later pink area turn brown. Did I get burn from ILP.Should I continue with next... READ MORE

Terrible Spots After IPL

It's been two weeks after I had p IPL, and they look brighter red than they did a week ago! They were bumpy, but that's gone down, but my skin was... READ MORE

IPL Treatments with No Browning?

I have had two IPL treatments with no browning. My sunspots appear darker than before. My dermatologist says spots were deep and now should have risen... READ MORE

IPL Burn or Bruise? Treated For Minimal Spider Veins and Hormonal Dark Spots.

Treated yesterday for minimal spider veins and hormonal dark spots. Today my eyes are swollen almost shut and have large silver dollar sized burns or... READ MORE

IPL for Outdoorsy People?

I am a 50-ish female who is athletic; biking, ski instructor. What kind of skin treatments are recommended to even out my skin tone (basal scars,... READ MORE

IPL to Remove Dark Spots/moles?

I have fair skin but have a few very dark spots about 2mm in diameter on my chest and neck, about 10 of them. They are regular in shape and flat on... READ MORE

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