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Pain Normal While Wearing Invisalign?

I am on my third Invisalign tray and I'm experiencing a lot of pain on the rigjht side of my face and jaw. When I wear the tray for more than 22 hours... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Hollow Cheeks?

I read on youtube that Invisalign treatment can cause your cheeks to hollow if you have a small chin and slim face prior to treatment.Is this true and... READ MORE

Invisalign changing face shape?

In what cases can straightening your teeth with Invisalign change the shape of your face? I've read about some cases causing a persons chin to stick... READ MORE

Face Grown Vertically is It Too Late to Fix with Invisalign?

My face has grown vertically dramatically in the last few months, my teeth are crooked but I was still extremely attractive until this point. Friends... READ MORE

Asymmetrical face. Will Invisalign fix this problem? (Photo)

When I see myself in photos or videos, I can see that I have an asymmetrical face and that like that goes down like when you get older on only one... READ MORE

Surgery or Invisalign for Underbite?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?  READ MORE

Can invisalign treatment be reversed?

Invisalign has changed my face shape alot and i dont feel like my self anymore...im on my 7th tray right now. Can i wear them in reverse to get my old... READ MORE

My face/mouth has changed significantly in the last 10 years (teeth, mostly I believe). Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel like my mouth looks aged. My teeth appear to have moved back for some reason, which has made my smile less attractive and has also changed the... READ MORE

Will Invisalign be sufficient to correct my crossbite/openbite as my ortho said he could? (photos)

I have a posterior openbite and an imblance/asysmetrical bite. I have been having on and symptoms off tmj and apparently it is my bite that is causing... READ MORE

Rotated Upper Molar (both row of teeth)

During my young age, I was always biting on left side of my teeth. This causes both sides of my upper molar to be rotated around 45deg clockwise. And... READ MORE

Overjet correction: My upper 2 front teeth are outward.

And the next 2 teeth in each sides of the front teeth are little outward but less than from the front teeth.My dentist told me to go on with premolars... READ MORE

Face change during Invisalign treatment. How long will it take for it to go back if I stop now?

Ok so ive been on invisalign treatment for about 5 months now to close the gaps and fix my bite but recently ive noticed that my face shape is... READ MORE

Almost done with Invisalign and just now starting to hear clicking/popping in jaw. Pain in face, head, jaw. Is this normal?

I am almost done my invisalign treatment. I am concerned because my jaw the past 2 trays has gone from clicking and popping loudly when i open to... READ MORE

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