Clench Teeth + Invisalign

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Should I Chomp Down with Invisalign?

I just got my 2nd tray set. These are significantly tighter than my first set and have begun to alter my bite. I am having difficulty chewing food, as... READ MORE

Does Tooth Clenching Affect Invisalign's Ability to Hold It's Shape and Work Properly?

I have Invisalign and have a tendency to clench my teeth in my sleep or throughout the day when I'm stressed (which is often). So, I'm wondering if... READ MORE

I'm clenching and grinding my teeth in my sleep. Will it affect the movement of my teeth?

I clench my teeth while sleep with the trays in.i seen thw print oncw i take the trays out.does that effect the movement of my teeth,with me being on... READ MORE

Increased teeth sensitivity since Invaslign started, is this normal?

Ever since I started invisalign about 6 weeks ago, when I take them out to eat, it hurts so much to bite food. My teeth are extremely sensitive. It's... READ MORE

Clenching with Invisalign. Could doing this affect my treatment in a bad way?

Ever since I got Invisalign I've been clenching my teeth like crazy. I've noticed after the slight pain of doing goes away it feels quite nice, like... READ MORE

Can Invisalign hide the chipped teeth 8,9,10 in the photo? Is Invisalign ok for light nightly grinders/clenchers? (Photo)

Also, can Invisalign be ok for patients with pre-molar crowns? I heard that Invisalign can dislodge crowns or result in cracks in teeth. My front... READ MORE

Is there anything I can use at night to stop teeth from touch while wearing Invisalign?

I thought I had an underbite until I saw an Orthodontist, but he called it a crossbite. I'be worn a nightgard for years due to nighttime... READ MORE

Can Invisalign treat Class II deep bite, crowding, midline (adult)? (photos)

I have: Excessive deep bite, crowding upper and lower, lower midline to the left. I clench & grind at night. One orthodontist told me metal braces... READ MORE

Can Invisalign trays act as nightguards & prevent tooth wear from light grinding/clenching? I have no TMD. (photo)

1. Will Invisalign protect against grinding damage? 2. Since trays are changed every 2 weeks, that's not enough time to chew thru them? Anybody had... READ MORE

Can grinding on Invisalign cause splintering of trays, and is the plastic shards toxic if swallowed?

I have TMJ and noticed I am clenching more often with my 1st trays. Online articles state that grinding may help move teeth. My concern is that I have... READ MORE

Does clenching with an Essex retainer mean you will have the same issue with Invisalign? (Photo)

I clenched my teeth while wearing essex retainers after my 1st experience w/ braces years ago. I was told this caused my TMJ issues. The discs in my... READ MORE

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