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Will Invisalign Fix an Overjet on a 35 Year Old Male?

My teeth are very healthy - and line up nicely - other than an overjet of 6 mm, and minor associated crossbite. I also think my jaw has grown normally... READ MORE

How Long Do I Wear Each Invisalign Tray? (photo)

I am currently on Tray 7 of 26 trays. I have included my pictures here and wanted the DDS doctor's opinions. I had two small teeth on the bottom that... READ MORE

Should I Correct my 4 Mm Overjet Using Invisalign?

I’m a 40-year-old female, and I’ve been wearing my retainers religiously since completing my traditional braces, about 5 years ago. At the time my bra... READ MORE

Invisilign for Crooked Teeth on a 40-year-old?

I have had these crooked teeth all my life, I am 40 years old and can finally afford to do something about it. Do you feel like I would be a good... READ MORE

Will Jaw Surgery Fix my Overbite?

Can some professionals please look at my 3d images i just got back invisalign and tell me if jaw surgery will correct my overbite,or do you think i... READ MORE

1st tray out for 2 hours at one time on Day 11?

I'm on Day 12 of my first set of Invisalign trays. I have been consistently wearing them between 22 to 22.5 hours a day. Yesterday I wore them 20... READ MORE

36 years old with open bite. Would Invisalign fix this, would I need attachments, and how long would it take? (photo)

I am 36 years old and my teeth are quite straight (at least i think so), but i have an open bite The pictures show my bite completely closed. As far... READ MORE

Can Some Professionals Please Give Me Advice on the Best Way to Close the 2 Gaps You See on my 2 Front and Bottom

The first 2 pics are 3d images of my teeth 40 weeks after invisalign treatment,i havent started treatment yet. READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct an Overbite of 2 Front Teeth?

I also have some minor crowding of the bottom 4 and one rotated bottom incisor. I had metal Braces at age 14 after a short time with a palate expander... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct Tilting Back of Top Teeth and Overbite Problem?

36 year old female, class II. Overbite & top teeth appear straight(ish) but tilt back, giving my teeth a "square" look. I have small... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Open Bite and Improve Profile? (photo)

Hi, 36 YO Male considering invisalign. I am happy with the straightness of my teeth but have an open bite, which is caused by forward protruding teeth... READ MORE

What Will Improve my Overjet? (photo)

I am in my 30s, had braces in highschool & 2 years ago I finished Invisalign express. I feel my teeth are still "walking out of my mouth." I don't... READ MORE

Can a Very Wide Gap in the Upper and Lower Teeth Be Closed? (photo)

My name is Dazz, i really will love to fix the gap in my teeth. The gap was not as this wide before especially the lower teeth gap, infact when i was... READ MORE

Invisalign or Veneers to Correct Gap? (photo)

I am a 42 year old female with a gap in the middle of my front teeth and I have never had braces. I was at the dentist today to get 4 porcelain... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix or at Least Improve my Open Bite and Misaligned Teeth? (photo)

I am 40 years old and I have a misaligned jaw and teeth and an assymmetrical open bite (from thumbsucking into my teens). I wonder whether invasalign... READ MORE

Invisalign - Conflicting Advice?

I am a 42 year-old female. I never wore braces. My teeth are relatively straight, but I have an overjet of about 5 or 6. I've had consultations with 2... READ MORE

Will invisalign help my 8mm overjet, overbite, back right crossbite and gaps? (photo)

I'm a 35 yr old woman with 8mm overjet, overbite, one-sided crossbite and gaps. I have adequate space in my mouth to reduce the overjet and widen my... READ MORE

Invisalign or Lingual Braces? Is It Really Necessary to Have my Bicuspids Extracted? (photo)

Invisalign or lingual braces? Is it really necessary to have my bicuspids extracted? My wisdom teeth haven't erupted (I do not have any symptoms... READ MORE

I have problems speaking with Invisalign?

I have problems speaking with my Invisalign trays in. I have practiced speaking but it hasn't helped. People have trouble understanding me and I get... READ MORE

Could Invisalign Work for Me? (photo)

I'm 35 and would like to know if invisalign treatment could work for me. i have badly crowded teeth on my bottom with no spaces. on the top i think... READ MORE

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