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Is ICL Better Than Lasik?

Does the ICL eye surgery really give you better vision than LASIK? READ MORE

ICL Implants - Is $8,000 Too Much?

Hi I'm 20 years old I've been wearing glasses since 9... I hate it! I've gone to a few doctors and I've been told lasik does to fix... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Implantable Contact Lenses

Recently heard about Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) and how they are reversible. Is there anything that would make someone a better candidate for... READ MORE

What is Visian Icl?

And is it an alternative to Lasik? READ MORE

Could Laser Eye Color Surgery Work?

I saw this on around the net -- a dr in LA says he's developed a laser to permanently turn brown eyes blue. Based on your experience with eyes, is... READ MORE

I have undergone TORIC ICL surgery for my eyes one month ago.My left eye is so blurry that I can't read even big fonted letters

My left eye required a double time surgery as the lens position was not well on the first time. It has passed away one month after the second surgery... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Darken Eye Colour?

I was wondering if there is anyway i can darken my eye colour. when i was a kid i had big brown eyes and as i got older they turned more of a muddy... READ MORE

Can an ICL removed be risky?

Can having an icl removed be risky?honestly i don't like my vision now and i am in pain in one of my eyes, i can barely even drive at night and... READ MORE

What happens if your vision changes after ICL surgery?

If my 23 y/o daughter has ICL surgery what happens a few years down the road if her vision changes does she need additional surgery or does she just... READ MORE

If Cataract occur after ICL then is it operable?

Dear Sir, My question is regarding ICL surgery.I have been advice to take ICL surgery due to high power and thin power is -15. but i am... READ MORE

Blurry vision after ICL--astigmatism developed.

I had ICL 1.5 weeks ago for significant vision: -8.5 and -8.75. I never had a history of astigmatism. I have not had clear vision since the procedure.... READ MORE

Planning ICL Eye Surgery: How Many Procedures is Considered "Experienced"?

I am considering ICL eye surgery due to thin corneas that make me a poor candidate for Lasik. All of the research I have done about choosing a surgeon... READ MORE

I'm 25 and had c3r for both eyes. What are my options?

2 years back and my corneal thickness is 520 and 515 for both eyes .i have been suggested t use rgp lens but those are not fitting me correctly and... READ MORE

I can see through the pinhole with high clarity but it is blurry with naked eye. Can I expect clear vision in few months?

I have undergone TORIC ICL SURGERY. My left eye got this problem. During testing I can see clearly through the pinhole used near eyes to see the text... READ MORE

Is ICL the Right Choice?

I am 28, have a prescription of -8.5 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 500 which I was told is very thin. In addition, I have very dry... READ MORE

I am 28yrs old. having high myopia -16 and -15 . Should I consider ICl. Or can I continue with the contact lenses as I do now.

Since my childhood my myopia has been increasing and stopped only in last 6 months at -16 and -15. my retina had a small tear last year which was... READ MORE

Do You Recommend ICL or PRK For Thin Corneas? Right Eye (487 Microns) Left Eye(483 Microns)

My right eye power is sph-- 7 ,cyl-- 1.5, Axis - 15.... My Left eye power is sph--7.5 cyl--0, Axis - 0......... My age is 25 years. Pls suggest me a... READ MORE

Reg ICL implantation - Vision blurred after a week after the surgery. Any suggestions?

Lenses were implanted twice in my left eye. Surgical PI was done as the pressure increased after ICL was done for my left eye. After the surgery Right... READ MORE

Correcting ICL?

I recently had ICL surgery. The surgery was fine, but the lenses are not correct. The doctor claims this is "just due to my eyes". I currently only... READ MORE

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