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I had hyaluronidase injected to remove juvederm but it hasn't worked?

I had hyaluronidase injected into my top lip to remove lumps but it didn't work? how long of a time span do I need before injection hyaluronidase... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Can't Get Rid of the Vertical Ridges Created by Juvederm Injected Above my Eyebrow Line?

Oct., 2011 I had my Plastic Surgeon inject Juvederm in the sunken area between my eyebrows; he also injected Juvederm across the entire bridge above... READ MORE

Why Won't the 2 Year Old Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds. Not Dissolve Even After 4 Hylauronidase

I'm deeply concerned that more hyluronidase injections will take more of my own collagen. Six months ago I went to my dermatologist who suggested we... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase is not working - what can I do?

I received Acquafiller brand Hyaluronic Acid by an aesthetician to fill in a divet from a kenalog injection above my upper lip. My dermatologist feels... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to dissolve filler in the nose and it still looks exactly the same. Does it sometimes take longer to work?

I had my first treatment with hyaluronidase to treat a very small lump on the side of my nose caused by too much perlane being placed there. I saw the... READ MORE

If Hyaluronidase doesn't work, is there a surgical option and what does that entail? (Photo)

Several years ago I had a physician inject a very tiny amount in my top lip. It was a little bit of Jupiter arm that was left over from my frown lines... READ MORE

Is it possible for hyaluronidase to not work? (Photo)

Had juvederm injected to marionette lines roughly a month ago. One week after, was unhappy, so recieved a laser treatment to "re-mold" the filler.... READ MORE

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