Thread Lift Overview

  • A thread lift is a largely unavailable facelifting technique. Thread lifts were meant to address sagging underlying tissues of the cheek and jaw line by threading four to 12 barbed sutures into skin and deeper soft tissues. The non-absorbable threads stay within the deep tissues and provide support.
  • A thread lift can be referred to as a minimally invasive surgical procedure to lift. But, as those who've undergone a thread lift can attest, the procedure isn't painless or without potential complication.
  • Potential complications of a thread lift include puckering where the barb is pulling, visibility of the blue thread through the skin, and threads poking through the skin.
  • A thread lift, while less invasive than a facelift, is surgery, and it carries inherent risks. Your doctor should offer a complete assessment of your candidacy for any type of facelift, and whether you're at risk of other complications.

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