Tattoo Removal Overview

  • Getting rid of a tattoo may be possible by laser tattoo removal, excision (cutting it out), or dermabrasion.
  • The darker the ink, the easier it is for the laser to target the ink.
  • Your skin type and color is a major factor in which tattoo colors can be effectively/safely treated. For example, the darker the skin, the more challenging it becomes when treating lighter colors.
  • Tattoo removals of any kind represent a challenge, and generally involve numerous clinic or office visits, considerable pain, and no guarantee you'll entirely remove the ink.
  • The cost of tattoo removal varies according to the size, location, and quality of the tattoo, as well as the method of removal.
  • Tattoo removal at home is unlikely to lead to complete removal of the ink, and may cause burns or other unwanted skin damage.

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