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A gingival graft (commonly called a gum graft or periodontal surgery) refers to a numbers of surgical procedures that can be performed to cover exposed roots caused by receding gums. This is typically performed by taking tissue from the roof of the mouth and attaching it to the gum line. Pedicle grafts can also be performed, which involves cutting away the gum around the tooth being treated, then pulling the gum back down to cover the exposed root and sewing it into place.

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Bad Toothbrush Led to Front Gum Graft & TMJ. Peru, IL

So this surgery happened because I bought one of those toothbrushes with the rubber bristles on the sides, thinking that it was perfectly fine to switch toothbrushes. 3 months later my dentist exclaims "He needs a gum graft!" So I go through the process, obviously I ask if it is necessary (but... READ MORE

23 Year Old with Severe Recession - Toronto, ON

I had orthodontic treatment when I was a teenager and it caused severe recession specially on my lower anterior teeth. The procedure itself was better than I expected. There was a little discomfort but it was worth it knowing my tissue will be reinforced and will protect my teeth. I am happy... READ MORE

Great Procedure - Toronto, ON

The procedure went smoothly with minimal pain. The end result was amazing and what i have hoped for. Dr.Tehrani was extremely nice, friendly, and professional throughout the entire process. Extremely satisfied with everything especially the results. I was very scared to do the procedure but she... READ MORE

Gum Graft Performed by Dr. Tehrani- Amazing Work! - Toronto, ON

Dr. Elly Tehrani performed a gum graft on my front lower gums. I had some genetic gum recession in that area and she assessed the site, determining that I would need to have a gum graft done on a few areas in that lower region. She actually charged me for one area and then during the procedure,... READ MORE

Much Needed Gum Graft for Receding Gums - Port Credit, ON

I had been in much need of a gum graft to correct receding and thin gums . The procedure had been recommended to me several years before I eventually had it done. I was terrified of the procedure, as well as the aftercare and follow up. So I had long procrastinated, although I knew it... READ MORE

Young Professional Who Needed a Gum Graft

I was in need of a gum graft as I had recession in my upper and lower gums as had been told a number of times it would become an issue in the future. I had the pinhole technique done on my upper gums and a graft done on my lower gums. Recovery time took about 2 weeks and another 3-4 weeks until... READ MORE

Female Professional Adult from Toronto

I had a lot of gum recessions and was not aware this type of procedure was available to regenerate the missing gum tissue and to help reduce my sensitivity. I was referred to Dr. Tehrani by my dentist, I felt comfortable to go ahead with the procedure due to her professionalism and her being... READ MORE

New Gums, Healthy, Happy Smile! - Toronto, ON

My gums were drastically receding, after having a failed attempt at a gum graft nearly 10 years ago, I unfortunately recommended to have a new graft completed. Fortunately I was referred to Dr. Tehrani who was able to do it right, and for the last time. If I did not opt for another graft, it... READ MORE

65 Year Old Lady Who is Almost Retired - Brantford, ON

I had quite a few teeth removed when I was a child, this caused movement of the only two remaining molars on my lower left side of my mouth. Over time my gum had receded leaving more of the teeth showing than should be so the teeth did not have much support left. I was told that left alone I... READ MORE

A Better Smile - Toronto, ON

Over the years I became aware of receding gums. More of my teeth were exposed at the gum line. Was referred to this specialist by my Dentist.. All options regarding the procedure of alloderm grafting were explained to me and the treatment that would follow. Felt safe and comfortable with all... READ MORE

28 Year Old, Receding Gums X4, Free Palate Graft..Syracuse, NY

I'm anticipating getting braces in a few months, and was told by the orthodontist that I would want to see a periodontist before braces due to my receding gum line on four lower teeth. I was a little surprised because I routinely go to the dentist and it has never been brought to my attention... READ MORE

Gum Recession and Tooth Sensitivity - Toronto, ON

I had severe sensitivity on the lower right teeth. My orthodontist recommended adding tissue before having braces done. I saw Dr. Tehrani for a consultation for adding gums. She was very thorough in explaining the procedure, post-op instructions I needed to follow and the risks associated... READ MORE

Katie from Kitchener - Gum Grafting of 15+ Teeth - Kitchener, ON

Dr. Tehrani is absolutely amazing. The procedure is not one you necessarily want to go through but Dr. Tehrani's attentive, personable, and skillful approach makes it easier. She clearly loves her work and puts her patients first. She is also attentive post-op, making sure any outstanding... READ MORE

The Best Specialist and Team, Very Glad I Was Directed to Dr. Tehrani by my Dentist. - Toronto, ON

My dentist referred me to Dr. Tehrani as I had some complications with my gums and root exposure. Dr. Tehrani and team a very professional from first consultation till the last follow up. Dr. Tehrani explained very clear to me what the procedure would be and what to expect from the surgery.... READ MORE

Female - Toronto, ON

Dr. Tehrani and her staff were not only warm and caring, but thoroughly professional. I had minimal discomfort after the surgery. I was very impressed with the after care. Dr. Tehrani and her staff were always available to answer any post-surgery concerns. It is obvious that Dr. Tehrani is... READ MORE

I'm Really Nervous About Having Gum Treatment :-( - New Haven, CT

Hi all, So I was referred by my dentist to go see a periodontist. I had my initial consultation with the periodontist and she said that I needed a gum treatment because I have 5 mm pockets on my inside teeth (my molars?). I guess this is the procedure where she’ll do a deep cleaning and s... READ MORE

Free Gingival Graft 8 Teeth While Wearing Full Braces - Columbus, IN

I've had gum recession on my bottom front teeth since I was in my late teens but it wasn't a prominent problem until I got braces a year ago and my teeth straightened out. My gums are healthy (no periodontal disease), they are just genetically thin and my underbite/crossbite/bruxism ruined... READ MORE

Great Experience with Gingival Graft. Toronto, ON

I am a dentist myself and know how reluctantly patients accept graft procedures. Let's face it it's not as popular as teeth whitening. I needed one myself and to be honest wasn't looking forward to. Dr. Tehrani was recommended to me by a well known periodontist from LA whom I've met at a... READ MORE

Severe Recession. Toronto, ON

I had a lot of sensitivity due to gum recession and exposed roots. I work in a dental office and I know very well the consequences of not doing anything about my tissue specially when I am not young anymore. I am afraid I will lose my teeth because I don't have any tissue to protect them. I keep... READ MORE

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