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Fraxel Ruined my Neck/Chest. What Can I Do About the Resulting Hyperpigmentation?

I had fraxel on my neck and chest several years ago and now have hyper-pigmentation that has only gotten worse through the years. Unfortunately, the... READ MORE

Problem(s) After Fraxel Restore Treatment #2 6 Weeks Ago. Is It Normal? What Can Be Done?

I have had my second fraxel restore treatment about 6 weeks ago and my skin looks worse. It’s still looks like I have sunburn that is starting... READ MORE

Fraxel Under Eyes to tighten skin - Looks worse, dark pigmentation, loose skin, texture change. (photos)

How can I tighten skin and fix pigmentation issue/texture. Here's before and after. No makeup under eyes you can see dark patch like I have a black... READ MORE

Are these extra lines I'm getting from Fraxel treatments going to go away and should I stop the treatments? (photos)

I have had 2 fraxel treatments after the 1st treatment i noticed and extra line form length wise on my chin and mentioned it right away they were not... READ MORE

Can Fraxel make your skin look worse at first before it improves?

I had my first fraxel session two weeks ago (acne scars...had acne conglobata ), my face is no longer red but I think that it looks worse than before.... READ MORE

Fraxel laser for hyperpigmentation. Any suggestions?

I had fraxel laser for hyperpigmentation, it's been 6 days and its only getting worst it's getting darker and it itches Is it going peel ? How... READ MORE

I had my treatment Saturday, and feel like it is getting worse before getting better, is this normal? (photos)

I had my treatment done Saturday and was told by 4 days it will be fine to go back to work and that I can put make up on. I was given oil and told to... READ MORE

Why my face fraxel laser get worse in day 4th?

I have a question to ask you. I not sure is it normal or not. I have a fraxel laser under my eyes, some spots on my forehead and cheer. The first 3... READ MORE

Eye bags are puffy 4 months after Fraxel restore laser. What caused this?

Hi I had fraxel restore laser 4 months ago and it has been a nightmare. I have puffy eye bags now that I never had before ever since I had the laser.... READ MORE

Post Fraxel swelling - Should I be concerned?

I had Fraxel on Monday & had abnormal facial swelling that seems to be getting worse, not better, despite icing & 2 RX (Cephalexin 500mg &... READ MORE

Severe Acne Scarring after Fraxel treatments, what can I do to fix this? (photos)

Hi all, I'm a 25 year old female from Newcastle NSW and have recently been dealing with (in my opinion) severe acne scarring. I'm wondering if I would... READ MORE

I had fraxel done on a scar caused by removal of a gauze after my breast augmentation. (photos)

I am worried because the area surrounding the scar is red and want to get opinions on whether it will go away. The tech who did the fraxel never... READ MORE

What Do Tracks Look Like? Hyperpigmentation Treatment? Marks Appeared After Treatment.

Received 2 years ago. Dr. attributes my hyperP to "genetics", I had no sign of it before the laser. 2 blotches on cheeks and my upper lip.... READ MORE

My fraxeled area is still rough and brown after ten days! (photo)

So, I was in a fire and had multiple skin graft surgeries last year, I am most bothered by the graft on my center chest which healed brown and... READ MORE

Will surgical scar improve from Fraxel and PRP with DermaPen treatments? (photo)

I had a tattoo excised after failed laser treatments. The scar left was large and red with railroad type lines. Vbram for 1 year and now started... READ MORE

Will Pro Fraxel help reduce an open heart surgery scar?

I had open heart surgery in 1982 -I would like to lessen the appearance of my scar? I was told a Pro Fraxel laser would help. My fear is that it would... READ MORE

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