Skin Texture + Fraxel Laser

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What is the Risk of "Orange Peel Skin" Texture After a Fraxel Laser Treatment?

I am scheduled to have Fraxel laser treatment in the next week. My skin has always been fairly smooth but as I've gotten older, I've noticed... READ MORE

Enlarged Pores and Texture Change from Fraxel Restore - Permanent/Damage?

Almost 3 months after 4 Fraxel Restores (40-70, Level 6), my pores are enlarged and my texture has an odd pattern like a quilt/cobblestone. I went to... READ MORE

Concerned About the "Orange Peel" Texture Some People Report After Fraxel Re:Store, Normal?

In some reviews, people are stating that Fraxel Re:Store ruined their skin by causing a permanent "orange peel/golf ball" texture after the... READ MORE

Damage After Fraxel Repair: What Has Happened to my Skin and How to Treat It? (photo)

I'm 13 mths post Fraxel, had 4 treatments and last 2 I suspect caused damage.I have pinprick holes covering my entire face, discolouration under my... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore on Lip Lines Cause Difference in Texture?

My doctor is suggesting Fraxel Restore for the area around my lips to reduce vertical lip lines. Can Fraxel only be done in selected area like this... READ MORE

How to Improve Skin Texture After Fraxel Restore?

What is the best way to improve skin texture after fraxel restore? I had 1 session of fraxel restore at the end of 2008 and had a bad reaction to it.... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore for Orange Peel and Smoker's Lines?

Does it work on upper lip 'smokers lines' and 'orange peel' skin texture on chin. My skin is fairly firm, except there is a slight drooping around... READ MORE

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone Before Fraxel?

Over 3 months ago I had a full face Fraxel Dual 1927 and have been left with distorted skin texture. The esthetician who performed the procedure... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs Restore for Skin Tightening and Texture Improvement?

I am 49 and most concerned with improving the texture of my face. Which is more effective for improving texture and skin tightening, Fraxel Repair or... READ MORE

Which Fraxel Restore Settings are Needed for my Skin Type?

What Fraxel Restore settings would you recommend for this skin type? As you can see I am Caucasian with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I... READ MORE

Fraxel 5 Days Post Op on my Arms, Still Have the Sandpaper Texture and Brown Dots?

Its my 5th day post fraxel on my arms but the sandpaper effect and the brown dots are stil not gone, my arms are still a little pink. i got fraxel... READ MORE

Are there any doctors out there that can help fix my textural damage from fraxel? (photos)

I got a fraxel dual treatment 3 months ago and my skin is the texture of cottage cheese. Are there any doctors who can help me?? I will fly anywhere... READ MORE

Why is the Texture of my Chin Worse 2 1/2 Months After a Total Fraxel?

New lines/orange peel texture-----------will that get better? READ MORE

How to fix skin after fraxel dual? (photos)

Had one treatment done less than a year ago and my skin texture is not smooth. I have these grid like marks left on my skin. I understand that it's... READ MORE

Can Any of You Doctors Give Me Encouragement?

I had a total fraxel 2 1/2 months ago around my mouth to lesson a scar at the corner and ended up with skin on my chin of poor texture. Should my skin... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Dual safe for African American Skin?

I am looking into getting Fraxel Dual has 2 treatment modes1550nm and 1927nm. With being an African American male and my skin sensitivity is this... READ MORE

I Want to Get Fraxel Laser Done but I Cant Do 3-5 Treatments Now. Can I Get One Treatment As a Boost to Improve my Skin Texture?

I am a student; therefore on a student budget but I can afford to do a treatment now. I had acne which left some pigmentation marks on my skin and... READ MORE

I noticed a pattern like texture after my Fraxel treatment. How long will this last? I hope not forever.

So its been nine days post fraxel and i am still noticing a pattern like texture from the laser especially on the skin on the sides of my eyes. How... READ MORE

Question: How exactly is Fraxel laser different from dermapen in the treatment of skin texture ?

As I keep reading and reading, I am getting the impression that my concern about deep pore or orange peel type skin texture might be better treated... READ MORE

Why does Fraxel cause open pore texture and what can be done to rectify it? Why do doctors continue to deny it?

I had a fraxel 7 weeks ago. My skin is ruined. I have huge pores. Everyone can see the problems. Why was I told it's a simple and risk free... READ MORE

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