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Usual Setting for Fraxel Restore?

I have completed two Fraxel Restore sessions for facial scars, but I still have many scars on my face. The setting used on me was 45 mjoules. Is this... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual 1927 Vs 1550?

I've done the Fraxel Dual twice with 1927 setting. Im happy with the results. And Im also now experienced with the recovery involved. However, now I'm... READ MORE

What Do the Numbers in Fraxel Restore Treatment Mean?

I had fraxel restore done and the technician said the highest it goes is 20. She had me on 18 and 8.... what does that mean? READ MORE

Basic Settings for Fraxel Restore?

I just went to see 2 board-certified dermatologists about a Fraxel Restore treatment and I was amazed at the difference between the settings they each... READ MORE

How Do Doctors Determine the Settings for Fraxel Laser?

I am considering Fraxel re:store, so I've done some research, but I have not come across anything that talks about how a doctor determines what... READ MORE

"Restricted Level" for Fraxel Restore?

I just went through my second Fraxel Restore session for my acne scars. I'm after the most optimum results, and when I spoke with the aesthetician,... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual on Indian Skin - Setting?

Hi there, I'm interested in getting Fraxel dual to reduce pigmentation under my eye so i can reduce the appearance of my dark circles. What... READ MORE

Fraxel Settings for Acne Scars

I have just receive my first Fraxel treatment today. I am 22 years old, and I am an Asian male with darker skin. I have asked my doctor if she can use... READ MORE

Are These Setting of Fraxel Really High? 55 Energy, 6 Treatment Level, 8 Passes

I would like to know if above setting are high on fraxel restore? READ MORE

How Deep Does Fraxel Re:Store Go?

If I had a Fraxel treatment with the settings 35/8/8 how deep did that go in terms of microns? Would it have reached into the dermis? READ MORE

Which Fraxel Restore Settings are Needed for my Skin Type?

What Fraxel Restore settings would you recommend for this skin type? As you can see I am Caucasian with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Restore Help to Reduce Sculptra Lumps and Volume?

Some doctors on realself said that fraxel could help with sculptra bumps, noduels and hardening tissue, is it possible that it could help as well to... READ MORE

How High of a Setting for Fraxel Re:store is 50/10? It Was my First One On My Face.

How High of a Setting for Fraxel Re:store is 50/10? It Was my First One READ MORE

Can different Fraxel settings give you bad and good results?

I have melasma and had fraxel under the melasma setting. Excellent results. The melasma did come back and another expert told me I had pigmentation,... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have a Fraxel Restore After a Mixto Co2 Bacterial Infection Caused Scars

Im a 33 white female who never had a scar before this treatment on my face. My mixto setting was 12W and index 6. What does that convert to in mj for... READ MORE

Ok to put 1550 on 70mj, 23%, 4 passes & 1927 on 20mj, 30%, 4 passes at same time for Fraxel Dual treatment for maximum result?

Hello, Doctor: I just finished 1 treatment for fraxel 1550 on 70mj and 23% 2 days ago to treat my acne scar and i am going to do fraxel dual after 4... READ MORE

What Preset Do I Start Fraxel with ?

I am in a place where there is no Fraxel Repair Treatment available. It is only Fraxel Restore and Pixel Laser available. If I have to decide between... READ MORE

Fraxel settings for scar on forehead?

I have a long but narrow, slightly indented but almost flat, shiny textured surgical scar running across my forehead.I had one fraxel restore at... READ MORE

Why Did my Face Lose Volume? (photo)

I had two fraxel laser treatments done at energy setting of 1400. Manufacturer specs recommend no higher than 1200. Two passes were done over my face... READ MORE

Fraxel Pain Levels. What level in average becomes difficult for patients to manage?

What mj level Fraxel makes pain extensive? On my second Fraxel treatment the pain was almost unbearable even with numbing cream and cold air pressure.... READ MORE

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