Scab + Fraxel Laser

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Has Anyone Experienced a Crusty Brown Scabbing After Fraxel?

I got fraxel laser done on my entire face on Friday morning, it is Sunday afternoon and I still have extensive swelling all over my face, but more... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Scarring: Is this Normal?

My girlfriends first treatment was 6 weeks ago today. From most reports online the recovery process seemed normal. Exactly 3 weeks later she had her... READ MORE

Are Scab Like Dots Normal After Fraxel Dual?

Are scab like dots normal after fraxel dual? I had fraxel dual, im not sure which one of the wavelengths was used but i have small scab dots from... READ MORE

Fraxel Isolated Scar? Need Advice for Further Treatment. (photo)

Is it possible to do fraxel restore on isolated area on the scar itself instead of whole right cheek to "blend" it in? because that is what the... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Lower Lip

I dried out my lower lip with a particular brand of toothpaste and retinol, now theres a dried darkened scab like area on my lower lip. I've... READ MORE

Adverse reaction to fraxel laser treatment? (Photo)

Hello, I had fraxel laser treatment done four days ago. The doctor did the first treatment a week before but my skin never peeled and there was no... READ MORE

When will crusting of the skin will start after fraxel repair?

I did fraxel repair for my acne scars 2 days ago. Exactly 22/11/2016. When I woke up today and when looked into the mirror. The scab was partially... READ MORE

I had a Fraxel Spot Test done yesterday on a dark sunspot. I have a really really dark black scab now. Is this normal? Also...

If the skin looks good once scab comes off, is this a good indicator that my other spots will have same result? I'm just concerned about PIH after. So... READ MORE

Scabs after Fraxel: Is this a healthy healing of patch test? (Photo)

I had a Fraxel (dual I think) patch test done 4 days ago. See photo of my wrist. It's hundreds of little scabs, and bigger ones where there's an... READ MORE

Best way to heal after Fraxel and Thermage under eyes? (photos)

I just got fraxel and thermage at the same time under my eyes. I'm 36 years old and the skin is very sensitive and itchy. Lots of tiny scabs. Scared I... READ MORE

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