Keloid Scar + Fraxel Laser

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Can Fraxel Laser Be Used on Raised Keloid Scars Effectively?

I have scars on my chest region from a case of sun poisoning that I had as a teenager. Unfortunately, I have keloid skin and I've attempted to... READ MORE

Can People with Keloids Do Fraxel Treatment? (photo)

I am Asian descent. my situation is quite complicated. i have three keloids on my chest which were caused by the pimple. and there are many acne... READ MORE

Hyperpigmented Breast Scars After Fraxel Laser

A year ago I had Fraxel treatment on some keloid scarring on my breasts from a reduction I had about 10 years ago. The doctor treated my keloid scars... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Help with Keloids?

I have old scars from Keloids. Will Fraxel help with this now flatten scars? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Keloid-prone Skin?

Planning a Fraxel resurfacing and I am very keloid-prone (make too much scar tissue). Will the treatment cause lots of scarring? READ MORE

Can I Do Fraxel Laser Resurfacing? I Have a Tendency for Keloids.

I have acne scars on my face and would like to get rid of them. I have a keloid on my chest though. So I was wondering whether or not I am a candidate... READ MORE

Can a Person Who Keloids Have Fraxel Restore Treatments?

I was thinking of have several fraxel restore treatments, but i keloid.....can i still safely have them? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Creole w/ Medium / Mediterranean Complexion and Keloid Tendencies?

I Am Creole with a Medium, Mediteranean Complexion. I Keloid. Can I Have Fraxel Laser? READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Be Used on such Scars Effectively? (photos)

I have vertical scars on the breast after lifting surgery (2 years ago) and my question is are they keloid and can they be treated with fraxel laser... READ MORE

Which Co2 Frexel or Luxe 1540 Will Help Better with a Section Scar? (photo)

I have a 10 month old c section scar that has formed a dark kiloid. Which type laser would help me improve its appearance ? READ MORE

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