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We are a Family Business, a simple Dental Clinic founded by three sisters, each one professional with a different specialty. You will feel just like home at Dental del Rio Algodones, because you won’t find any other place in Los Algodones just as professional, serious, but Friendly, cozy and sensiti

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  • Undergraduate & Medical School

    Dental: University Autónoma de Baja California
  • Post-Medical School Training

    Residency: Root Canal, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

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Eating after surgery

Patients who prepare for your oral surgery usually end up having a smoother recovery. That’s why you should plan ahead and buy soft food items before surgery. Proper nutrition is eating a well-balanced diet. These are nutrients needed for good health. If your diet is low in nutrients, your mouth may have a difficult time resisting infection. Due to tenderness and swelling in your mouth, it can be difficult to find foods that are filling. As well as fulfilling while still being soft a...

Shark Teeth

Ever heard of someone having a double row teeth like a shark? This is more common than anyone might think. It typically happens because of baby teeth that fail to fall out. In turn, adult teeth come in behind them causing you to have one tooth over the other. This is usually not painful but it does give way to food and debris getting stuck between teeth. This will eventually cause cavities and decay. In turn, decay will cause pain and the need for surgical intervention in the future...

Chipped Teeth

Chipped Teeth are a very common dental problem. It happens when a small piece of your tooth brakes off. Although teeth were made to last, there not indestructible. In fact, the enamel covering our teeth is the hardest, most mineralized tissue in our body. Yet its strength has limits. So we should protect them from any kind of injury. With the chip of a tooth, we loose valuable tooth structure and lay the foundation for more chips and cracks. Furthermore, you may need a root canal if the...

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES Know that when considering orthodontic appliances, there are several options available for you. For example; First, their is the orthodontic band for posterior teeth and the bonded bracket for anterior teeth. For a more subtle look, clear brackets are an alternative option. Clear brackets are less visible but are more susceptible to breakage. That’s why you must avoid hard foods or extreme contact like during sports. Both traditional and clear brackets, are fixed i...

Acidic Fruit

Who can say no to a juicy orange or grapefruit? Their high vitamin C content makes them particularly good choices. Your body and dental health benefit enormously from fruit. Yet some fruits, have high acidic contents Any foods and drinks that are high in citric acid can damage your teeth over time. Acidic fruit The acid content of food is according to its pH value. Foods with a pH above 7 are alkaline, whereas those that are below 7 are acidic. Lower pH...

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is it normal for your dentist to break some of your teeth off at the gum line and sew your gums over the jagged broken teeth?

No it is not normal to either break your teeth at gumline or leave jagged bone. When a dentist extracts teeth he should try to level off the bone so... READ MORE

I have a full set of dentures, I can't even eat with them. I use adhesive and they continue to fall out and make me choke.

If you are looking for a solution for your dentures and you do not have a lot of money. You can get those dentures relined at a low cost instead of... READ MORE

My dentist put bonding on my front tooth, but now the line is not straight between my front teeth, how can I fix this?

Go back to your dentist and ask him if he can fix the bonding for you. It is probably just an adjustment that is needed. Don't hesitate to go and see him. READ MORE

Teeth are too large for my mouth and this is causing an overbite, how to fix this? (photo)

I think different about your smile. I think you have a beautiful smile. Big teeth make a person look young. Right now the trend is having big teeth. I... READ MORE

How much it will cost me if I want to do implants in my 2 front top teeth?

If you are interested in saving money go abroad for implant treatment [dental tourism]. It is just two visits and save lots of money. Here in... READ MORE

What options do I have? Can I have a replacement temp? (photo)

What i suggest is that you get the root removed, because it can cause infection and it can go into the bone and cause damage if its left to long. Then... READ MORE

I have gap in between lower and upper teeth at the front. It's not straight. What can I do for a good smile? (Photo)

I would suggest in your case to go see a dentist that specializes in braces, a Orthodontist. He will give you an exam and then recommend braces or... READ MORE

Bonding and Invisalign. Which should I do first? (Phtoo)

I would suggest that you do the invisalign first. There is going to be changes in your mouth with the bite. Then, after you are all done with the... READ MORE

Worn dentures for quite a while now: full upper and a partial on lower. Could I switch to implants?

Implants could be an option for you. You need to go see a dentist that specializes on placing implants. He would need take a ct scan to see the... READ MORE

Which is required for a mouth full of broken molars: Implant, crown?

You need to go see a dentist in your area so that he can tell you what is the best option for you. Then you can determine what its going to cost. READ MORE

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