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David J. Hecker, MD

David J. Hecker, MD

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Can my tattoo that has some white ink in it be removed by laser? (Photo)

It may be more difficult to make the tattoo invisible with certain pigments, but laser removal would be your best option for treatment. READ MORE

I have a 3 day old tattoo that I am not enjoying. How soon can I start removal? (Photo)

Laser tattoo removal is the best option to remove a tattoo. It requires multiple treatments, but you should have success when the tattoo is fresh. READ MORE

How safe and how is salabrasion done properly to achieve best results?

I prefer the right laser for tattoo removal. It will usually take multiple treatments, especially when multiple colors are involved. READ MORE

I got this tattoo Dec 2013.1st removal apt in a week using Picosure. Whats the chance for full removal? (photo)

It will certainly take multiple treatments with the proper laser or lasers to completely remove this tattoo. The more colors there are in a tattoo,... READ MORE

Is it possible to fade tattoo on my eyebrow with laser? (Photo)

It depends on the type of laser being used for tattoo removal, as some lasers do remove hair. Consult with an experienced laser physician on the risks... READ MORE

Should I worry?

It is important to have a complete history and physical performed by a live dermatologist. The most important question is whether or not any of these... READ MORE

Should I have these moles looked at ? I just recently noticed them. (Photo)

These moles may very well be benign, but you need to see a live dermatologist to get a proper history and physical. The most important factor here is... READ MORE

What do I tell my doctor so no matter what I get my mole removed? (Photo)

I would seek another opinion about removing your mole. Some dermatologists may not feel comfortable removing a benign mole on the face, because... READ MORE

Got a mole removed. Scab accidentally got scrapped off. What should I do?

Usually knocking off a scab accidentally should not be a problem in the healing of the wound. A new scab should form in its place until further... READ MORE

I had a pretty large mole removed from my forehead 4 years ago and it has begun to come back. Why?

It is common for moles to recur after certain removals, such as shave removals, because many moles have a deeper component that is left over after... READ MORE


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