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Why Do Some People Look Like a Mannequin After a Face Lift?

I have seen movie stars that look like they have that wax, plastic look after a face lift, why? READ MORE

4 Days Post Op After Short Scar Face Lift. Skin is Stretched to Tight Across Cheeks. Has a Pulled Rippled Look?

I realize it is early but it looks so unnatural. There is still swelling and tender areas. Is it likely the skin will relax and look a little more... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Look More Natural and Relax the Facial Muscles of a Facelift and Fat Grafting Procedure Done 10 Days Ago?

I am 50 and now look 20 after having a short incision facelift, fat grafting and browlift just 2 weeks ago. I know I am still swollen and my face... READ MORE

Can I reverse results from unnecessary thread lift and facial fat transfers?

Please help. Unnecessary procedures for a 20 y.o  Had a thread lift and fat grafts (cheeks, chin, nasoblasial folds, forehead) one week ago. Face... READ MORE

Ears look unnatural after facelift - can you explain why and can it be corrected? Is there a name for the disfigurement? (Photo)

I had a full (not mini) facelift almost 7 months ago, with incisions from in temple hairline, behind tragus and around the bottom of earlobe, behind... READ MORE

How do you avoid that sharp unnatural angular look after face lift with neck lift?

I don't know if this is possible, but is there a way to avoid that sharp angular look to the neck after a face lift. To me it looks like the head of a... READ MORE

I had a revision facelift in March and am very disappointed at the results. Very unnatural and stretched (Photos)

The sides of my face are flat now and my eyes have been pulled back. He was suppose to do fat grafting , but my cheeks are much thinner than before he... READ MORE

How does a soof lift help to lift the corners of mouth?

 Is the malar fat pad / bichet fat involved in soof or is that a more involved midface? I dont want an unnatural midface lift - just a small... READ MORE

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