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Opinions on What is Happening to my Chin Scar - 2nd Surgery Post Op

Has first face lift with neck lift almost a year ago. Chin scar did not heal correctly, so 3 weeks ago, I had a revision of the chin scar. A week... READ MORE

How Long Will Skin Puckers Along Incision Lines Last?

How long will skin puckers on the incision lines by ears (on temples) last? They are huge! READ MORE

Lack of Mouth Movement, Unable to Blink or Pucker: All Results of Facelift?

26 days after mid face lift, I have a knot 1 inch in front of rt ear size of small marble.Upper mouth won't move, can't suck or pucker or say... READ MORE

I have 2 puckers in my skin in the incision line 12 weeks post op face lift. Is this normal?

Just have it on one side but have had sleepless nights stressed out about this. Photo attached - actually only one shows here but have 2. Very noticeable. READ MORE

Intense Puckering behind one ear after face lift. Redness and pain in ear.

I am 5 days post operative after a facelift. All of my pain had subsided until tonight. My incision line goes into my ear and suddenly a point on my... READ MORE

I had a face lift 2 yrs ago, and had an incision under my chin. I now have puckering and a darker color. How can it be fixed?

Since my face lift, the doctor tried to pull the skin under the chin by making incisions at the ears and pulling it back. He done this twice, but with... READ MORE

After Facelift 2 weeks ago, I have 'pleat' or pucker along one ear. Will this go away? If so, how long should it take? (photo)

And my post-op ear looks very different from my ear before surgery, like a portion of the inner rim was removed. I'm concerned. The PS didn't mention... READ MORE

Lower face wrinkles and puckering. Is it time for another facelift?

I had a full face and neck lift about 6 years ago; plus surgeon injected my cheek "folds" with my own flesh. The results were very natural. Currently... READ MORE

Lower Facelift, cheek implants, and neck lift- need help with pain management and tightness.

I had a lower facelift (with fat implanted into cheeks) and neck lift 4 days ago. I've been very distressed with the pain and my inability to be able... READ MORE

Will Titan help with puckering and loose skin after face and neck lift?

After facelift with neck lift, I was left with puckering at the incision under the chin and loose skin under the chin. My PS is going to try Titan to... READ MORE

Red and puckered facelift scars? (Photos)

I had an R facelift 88 days ago and these are todays photos. The scars are red and puckered and my ears are still painful. My surgeon says this is... READ MORE

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