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1 week after facelift & upper lower eyelids. I have necrosis, but doctor is doing nothing. Should I get second opinion? (photo)

If this is standard protocol I'm ok with that but should I get a second opinion?I have had a facelift and upper lower eyelids. I have necrosis. I am... READ MORE

Does this look like necrosis? And what treatment will prevent it worsening? (Photo)

I'm 13 days post op from face/neck lift, and have started to develop areas of what I think is necrosis. Had a lot of swelling immediately post-op, and... READ MORE

Skin necrosis 12 day after Facelift? (photo)

I'm 12 day post FL and 2 days ago I noticed yellow stuff coming out from in front of my ear. I texted my doctor and was given antibotics. Now a small... READ MORE

3 Weeks and Look 'Worked On' and Very Asymmetrical. Is That Normal? (photo)

Also had skin necrosis treated with hyperbarics, told by another surgeon was from flaps too tight. not sure if internal healing not happening... READ MORE

Urgent help needed with a necrosis question.

A relative had facelift surgery which yielded lots of necrosis on both sides. A couple hematomas were drained. It is now 2 weeks after surgery. She... READ MORE

Follow up. Is this fat necrosis? (Photo)

5 weeks post facelift & fat transfer surgery. Ridges have not changed in weeks. Opened for aspiration, but solid. I have 6 large HARD bumps in lower... READ MORE

6 months later, what improvement can I expect? (photos)

After full thickness skin necrosis after facelift, my skin has improved. However, I am not sure how much more I can expect? Or if there is any remedy... READ MORE

What is causing my facelift scars to keep erupting? Bead like substance keeps coming out. Feels Like glass or splinters (Photo)

Had face lift 6 months ago had complication of skin necrosis which left a scar @ 3 months skin started to open and stitches I thought kept coming out... READ MORE

I did a facelift 19 days ago. 7 days after surgery appeared in my face a skin necrosis? (Photo)

Doctor is healing the necrosis daily with wet healing. I don't know how long take it to heal. Can i ask for a second opinion?? Is it better to do a... READ MORE

My facelift incisions go 2 inches down my jaw line; is that normal?

The morning of my surgery right before I went into the surgical room my doctor decided he wasn't going to make the incision under my chin for the... READ MORE

Facelift - stark white lines and spots close to the surgery area?

I had a face lift in BELLEVUE Wa about 18 months ago. Bad experience wish I didn't do it. One side of my face had severe scaring which after going to... READ MORE

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