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My Face Sags Considerably when I Bend Over, Look Down, or I'm Supine: Will a Neck/facelift Help?

I'm a mid-40s man, aiming to get fat grafts to my hollowed tear troughs, and temples. I have good strong features. That will have a dramatic effect on... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedure to Lift the Midface?

I am considering a midface lift and would like to know which is the best & longest lasting procedure. A midface lift with endotine or a Soof lift.... READ MORE

Mid-Face Lift for Tired-looking Face with Acne Scars?

I'm 43 years old, lost about 45 lbs, and now have hollow eyes, cheeks and nasolabial folds. My face looks tired and hollow. I have some old acne scars... READ MORE

What Type of Facelift Will Correct Under Eye Hollowness?

Will facelift correct under eye hollowness? Thanks READ MORE

Mid FaceLift - I want to address under eye hollowness & sag lines under cheeks, what are the possible technique options? (photo)

I seek to address (1) hollowness under the eye, (2) “sag” lines under the cheek bone. To be perfumed with a lower blephoroplasty and lower fac... READ MORE

What can be done to correct indent under cheek after facelift? It looks hollow. (Photo)

One side of my face appears much tighter and there is an indent under my cheek. Also that side (left) is a bit larger. Im thinking I might need a... READ MORE

My Name is Aneeta Singh and I'm 26 Years Old and Unmarried I Want to Go for Face Lift is It Suitable for Me? (photo)

I have not extra fat on my face but under my chin i feel skin is hanging and it is too early according my age and i have hollowness under my eyes so i... READ MORE

What to Do After Macs Lift Disfigured my Face?

2.5 years ago, a surgean from belgium performed a macs lift, I had mostly loss of volume problem and she tried to correct this with a macs lift... READ MORE

I have hollowness in central neck after facelift/neck lift. What can be done? (photos)

I am 4.5 months post-FL/NL and have developed a central hollowness in the upper part of the neck. Submental liposuction was done, as was some form of... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a lateral sweep from a deeplane facelift?

If so why would this Happen? I have hollowing under my eyes and indentations in my malar cheek area that was not there before my deep plane facelift.... READ MORE

Facelift and/or fillers with melasma. Will it cause the melasma to flare? (Photo)

I'm 44 & thin. I have nasolabial folds, significant hollowing in my cheeks & under my eyes, sagging jowls & very loose skin above my jaw line. I would... READ MORE

Can a Midface Lift Cause Nose Damage?

I had a short scar facelift that actually pulled my cheeks down creating undereye hollows. A midface lift to repair the damage pulled my right nostril... READ MORE

10 months post facelift, unhappy with hollowness. Is this as good as it gets? (Photo)

I thought full facelift would improve the hollowness in my cheek area www.realself... READ MORE

10 months post facelift, unhappy with hollowness. Is fat transfer the solution? (Photo)

10 mos ago had full FL with U/L blephs and fat transfer (that didn't take I think). Followed by 800 mc Sciton resurfacing 8 mos ago. (see reviews) 7... READ MORE

What can be done about sagging cheeks after jaw surgery? (Photos)

Female, 23. Had double jaw surgery in 2014. It left me with saggy malar fat pads that bulge out. I had no signs of this before surgery. Do these... READ MORE

Facelift vs. fillers at age 64?

Can anyone help with my decision to go forward? At age 64, with little wrinkles in my face, however it's sunken, hollow and gaunt look is needing... READ MORE

Are there plastic surgeons in Houston who do The Composite Facelift pioneered by Dr. Sam Hamra?

I'm a fit, active 56 year old male. I had a facelift and brow lift in 2006. My cheeks, which weren't addressed in my first surgery, are sagging and... READ MORE

Need recommendations on what to do. Look kinda bad. Do I need a mid face lift? (Photo)

I do not care about looking "hot" or anything. I just want to look my age. I have not since I was 18. My cheeks are incredibly flat, plus I have... READ MORE

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