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Hardening and lump after hematoma evacuation on cheeks following a facelift. Will this go away?

2 1/2 weeks post op. i developed hematoma day after a facelift. blood was drained for ten days (it was serum mixed with blood at the end). my face... READ MORE

Treatment and Timeframe for Leaking Parotid After Facelift

I had a face lift and now have a parotid gland that is leaking. Drain inserted but flow is not decreasing. What is treatment and time frame for this... READ MORE

Wounds Re-stitched After Facelift

My face lift was performed by a Board Certified Surgeon 6 weeks ago. Since then I have had several more stiches added twice due to open wounds on the... READ MORE

Malfunctioning Drain After Facelift

I warned the anesthesiologist that I over-react to anesthesia so he only used propofol. However, I was still out over 4 hrs. after a face-lift, lower... READ MORE

Facelift Without Drains - Swollen Head and Ears 1 Month Post-op

It has been a month --I am still very swollen. I went to the beach at a place that has the rooms on site to recover...Well, I sure didn't get that... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Had a Face Lift Without Any Drains?

I wore a helmet that didn't have any drians. I was told that the Dr had never used drains...??? I have had a face lift before and I was totally... READ MORE

Should the Wound Be Draining After 3.5 Weeks?

I had a lower facelift 3.5 weeks ago. The incision behind my ear is still oozing sticky yellow stuff. When I *gently* dab it with a qtip, there is... READ MORE

11 Days Ago Had Half Face Lift, Sutures Still Oozing Yellowish Gunk.

I was on Amoxicillin 1 day preop, and continuting for 9 days, and after 5 days he added 10 days of ciprofloxacin. I take two showers a day to clean... READ MORE

Seroma and Keloid after facelift, any advice?

Hi I had a macs facelift 8 months ago. I developed a seroma after surgery. I spoke to my surgeon various times regarding the lump but he did nothing... READ MORE

Hematoma and scarring at the site of drained hematoma. it seems as it is liquifing in some areas?

After facelift i developed hematoma on both sides. it was milked every day for a couple of weeks. then i developed scar tissues. ibegan conservative... READ MORE

What settings for ultrasound on the face for facelift hematoma scarring?

I went to three specific places one used three mhz, one 1.2 another 0.6. i don't know what is right. my hematoma was drained the day of facelift (6... READ MORE

After Face Lift, Left Cheek Was Swollen Hardly for 1 Wk. Now, It Only Get Better After Draining or Let Fluid Comes out?

Surgery for face lift on 09-28. 2days after, left cheek was swollen more than right cheek / took Cephalexin 500mg capsule. October 6th, left side... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Late stage hematoma. Would I get better results doing the steroid injections or heat and massage? (photos)

Thanks to all that responded to my 1st post. Everyone was correct, late stage hematoma requiring drainage. Still in the healing process 3 weeks post... READ MORE

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