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Swelling and Bruising After Facelift

It has been 3 weeks since I had facelift as part of removing the cyst on my face. I experienced severe hematoma after the surgery, but it seems that... READ MORE

Bruising or Hematoma After Facelift?

I had a facelift on 4/13. All seemed fine, then about 4 days ago, I developed a very dark bruise or hemotoma on my left cheek. There's no pain, but... READ MORE

How to Avoid Bruising After Facelift?

I am considering a facelift, however I'm concerned about hematomas. Can you tell me the causes of these after facelifts? Are there things that I can... READ MORE

Massage After Face Lift? (photo)

I am at day 17 after chin and lower face lift. I had a great deal of swelling/brusing the first week. I have a large scab at the incision site on my... READ MORE

How Long After Facelift Surgery Should Bruising Be Expected to Appear or Spread?

I had surgery Thursday and today I noticed the bruising that was on my chest had leeched all the way to the bottom of both of my breasts and now this... READ MORE

My Face is Swollen After Deep Plane Facelift, When Will This And Bruising Subside? Worried About Returning To Work.

It's been 5 days since my facelift. My face is swollen and the chin area is swollen. And there is bruising. Brusing can be covered with makeup but... READ MORE

Is There Anything else to Do at Home for Possible Hematomas, Besides Massaging?

I had a facelift 4 weeks ago and have a couple of lumps in the cheek area. Still have bruising, possible hematoma and both sides of my face, close to... READ MORE

Cheeks Tingling and Stretching Downward After Facelift?

I'm concerned about a weird tingling, slightly painful feeling I am having in my upper cheeks after Facelift. I see some slight bruising and the cheek... READ MORE

Sores Around Ears & Droopy Saliva Gland After Facelift? (photo)

I had a facelift/necklift 15 days ago. I am not a smoker, never have been, nor am I around smokers. I developed sores around my ears, have a droopy... READ MORE

What does a hematoma look like?

I went to see a PA last week to check swelling in one side of face.It is a little swallen but more black and blue then the other side it will be a... READ MORE

Age 53. Bruising 2 Months After Facelift?

I am 53 and had a face lift and neck lift 2 monthsa ago. I am still bruised under my left eye, and have bruiseing and raised on my cheek . What do I do READ MORE

Bruising After 6 Months Post Op Facelift and Neck?

It has been 6 months since facelift and neck. There is still briusing along the jawline will this resolve itself and if so how long? READ MORE

Earache after 2 weeks out of Mini Neck/facelift, is this normal?

2 weeks after a mini facelift and neck lift is it okay to have an earache? and some weird shaped swelling and bruising on the same side? Other than... READ MORE

Should you take Inflammenz right before and after surgery to prevent bruising?

In a past surgery, I was required to take inflammenz a few days before my surgery and also after surgery. I am about to have a facelift with another... READ MORE

Some doctors do not recommend icing after mini facelift. Why the disagreement?

I am about to have a mini facelift and wonder about the new research on not icing for bruising and swelling READ MORE

Endotine Mid Face Lift- What Can I Expect in Terms of Length of Time Bruising Swelling?

I am considering the endotine mid face lift. The surgeon's website is quite honest saying "considerable" swelling and bruising. I went to another ps... READ MORE

Marks That Look Like Persistent Bruising After Bleph, Browlift and Mini-face Lift?

I had upper and lower eyelid, browlift and mini face lift approximately 6 months ago. I've noticed I have what looks like shadow/bruise rings below my... READ MORE

Had my facelift surgery on Monday, the 9th. Will it be safe to travel? (Photo)

I am going on a trip on March 1. Today is day five and i am still swollen and bruised. Will i be be OK for my trip on March 1? Thanks READ MORE

Neck bruise and swelling after Facelift?

I had faclift 2wks ago. my neck was normal swolen and going down. Now it swelled again on one side with big lumps/bumps and create a discomfort. is... READ MORE

Can a skin only facelift ever be equal to a SMAS lift?

I just had a plastic surgeon consult and he told me he would only do a skin only lift. He believes the SMAS lift is too rough on the patient causing... READ MORE

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