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Is There a Specialist Who Can Correct Visible Salivary Glands Post Facelift?

Im 5 mos post facelift, and very distressed about the visible glands under my chin/jaw. My neck is slender, making the glands even more conspicuous.... READ MORE

Can a Facelift Be Tweaked Afterwards if One Side of my Face is Saggier?

I had a facelift in April, and looked great for several months, but now I see that the right side of my face looks old again -- it has more sag that... READ MORE

Are Pulling & Tightness Around Ears After Facelift Always Indicative of Nerve Damage?

Or can these sensations be caused by scar tissue formation or some other cause? I'm at 5 months after facelift and although these very uncomfortable... READ MORE

Evolution of Facelift Scar. Revision needed? (Photo)

I am 66 years old and had my third facelift done in April 2014 with a different Dr. The scar in front of my left ear is very visible. After asking... READ MORE

Temples Have "Pins and Needles" Tingling 5.5 Mo. After Face and Brow Lift. What's Happened?

Left temple down to side of face still tingles when rubbed. Right temple tingles less and that eyebrow recovered,but left frontalis muscle still... READ MORE

Can Botox Help Sternocleidomastoid Spasms After Facelift?

Ever since a mini-lower face and neck lift 5 months ago, I've had intermittent tightness and spasms of the SCM muscle on one side. It also causes a... READ MORE

Facelift, Salt and Face Swelling Please Help.

After a facelift on Nov 15, it is now Apr 2 I have pain and swelling on my face around the parotid gland. It gets worst if I eat anything with salt.... READ MORE

Are There Any Medications/homeopathic Remedies That Reduce Uncomfortable Paresthesias/dysethesias After Facelift?

5 months after facelift I am troubled much of the time by a tugging, tight sensation around both ears. I recently started having regular massages from... READ MORE

Brow/forehead Lift Completed in December/now Have Bulging Muscle Upper Forehead?

I am 47 years old, female and had a facelift, lower lift, cheek lift and forehead lift. Everything really does look great for the most part. The... READ MORE

Is Greater Tightness & Discomfort on One Side Vs. the Other Normal After Facelift?

I had a facelift 5 months ago. My right ear and neck have been tighter & more uncomfortable since day 1and they still are (although now it is more... READ MORE

I Am 5 Months Post Op Facelift and Belphoraplasty?

At 3 months I noticed shadows developing on my face. Shadows appeared under my eyes to the top of my cheek bones. There is still swelling under my... READ MORE

What type of nutritional supplementation can support healing after facelift? Can taking type 1 collagen with HA help?

5 months after neck and facelift, I am still completely numb, with tightness, hardness, and dry skin. I understand nerves take time to regenerate and... READ MORE

Midface Lift 5 Months Ago, Left With Sagging. Told to Wait 8 Months?

I had a midface lift/neck lift 5 months ago.I didn't have jowl sagging, but had depressions on both cheeks. I was told that the facelift would... READ MORE

5 months post Facelift with a scalp scar that had healed and now reopened. What should I do?

It about 5mths post op -healed fine -now has reopened and leaks minimal fluid -scabs over but wont heal or get smaller-no smell ,itch or pain. The... READ MORE

5 Months After Facelift I Need a Muscle Relaxer I Can Take During the Day. Any Suggestions?

I have a lot of discomfort during the day caused by tight facial, neck & jaw muscles. My ps recommended massage but it doesn't provide much... READ MORE

I have hollowness in central neck after facelift/neck lift. What can be done? (photos)

I am 4.5 months post-FL/NL and have developed a central hollowness in the upper part of the neck. Submental liposuction was done, as was some form of... READ MORE

It Has Been 5 Months and I Still Have Sutures That Haven't Dissolved and Feel Like a Cord Cutting Under my Chin from Ear to Ear?

So what are my options? My doctor suggested possible steroid injections at 6 months to hasten the dissolving. What will I look like with... READ MORE

Why Would There Be New Areas of Tightness 4.5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty?

I'm at 4.5 months after lower facelift & platysmaplasty. Just recently I've developed tightness along my jawline and neck (right side much more so... READ MORE

How is this an acceptable result? (Photo)

5 months after face and necklift ( not mini lift) still have a lot of pain jaw to jaw under chin with limited mobility, tightness, and neck looks... READ MORE

Facelift 5 months post op and getting worse (Photos)

I had a little jowls and little looseness around my jawline that I thought with a little work would enhance my appearance. I had a facelift in May... READ MORE

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