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Pulling or Stretching Eyelid After Blepharoplasty

Can pulling or stretching the upper eyelid, 2 months post upper Blepharoplasty be damaging in any way? READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Looks Pulled Down 4 Weeks Post-op

I had a lower eye lift almost 4 weeks ago. My eyes are very red and have a pulled down look. Will this go away? The left eye seems worse?..What can I... READ MORE

Can Pulling the Lower Eye Lid Cause Sagging?

I am a 37 year old male. I recently had an eye infection and the doctor pulled my eye lid down for perhaps a good 6-8 seconds to check the infection.... READ MORE

Unhappy with Blepharoplasty. Drooping and Pulling Down of Lower Lids? (photo)

I am now 18 months post blepharoplasty and am not entirely happy with the results. The scars have healed with a definite drooping and pulling down of... READ MORE

Can Raising Just the Lower Eyelid Through a Canthoplasty/midface Lift Have an Effect on the Upper Eyelid Position?

After an upper blepharoplasty my eyes have been rounded unnaturally so i am looking for options to lower my upper eyelid or raise my lower eyelid, Can... READ MORE

I Had a Lower Eye Lift Almost 4 Weeks Ago. My Eyes Have a Pulled Down Look. Will This Go Away? (photo)

Does My Eyes Look Ectropion? Please show me how to massage my eyelid to help it lift up my eyes lid READ MORE

2 weeks post op upper & lower Eyelid Surgery, bunching in corner of both eyes & bumps in outer corners. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 2 weeks post op and have 'bunching' in the corner of both eyes. I only noticed this a few days ago and can actually feel the 'pulling'. When I... READ MORE

Long-term Problems After Eyelid Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty 14 months ago. Not able to move my eyelids till about 5 months after surgery. When I blink or close my eyes, brow and lower... READ MORE

Corner of Upper Lid Inadvertantely Pulled Down into Stitch Crease After a Lower Blepharoplasty, It is Twitching and Pulling?

H , I am 3 months post op from lower bleph with many many complications, including corner of upper lid pulled down into stitch bundle in crease of... READ MORE

Eyelid Was Pulled Down By Doctor 5 Months Post-op Blepharoplasty

I am 5 months post lower lid blepharoplasty . One of the docs pulled my eyelid down many times for eye examination when I went to the er. one day for... READ MORE

My lower left eyelid has pulled away from my eyeball and I would like to know if this is normal? (photos)

I had a lower lid skin pinch done 5 days ago and my lower left eyelid has pulled away from my eyeball. There has been little improvement to this area... READ MORE

1 month post op, lower lid is still pulling down after revision: What can I do about it? (Photo)

I had surgery on 25.10.13, whereby I had double upper and lower eyelid, plus ablative laser I had revision surgery on my lower lids on the 14.2.14.... READ MORE

Eyes will not close after upper blepharoplasty. One eye lower lid pulls down and I get a palsy effect. Any suggestion? (photo)

Op was 6 days ago. My good eye almost closes, but my right eye can't, & when I try the lower lid pulls down & the whole lower skin area takes on a... READ MORE

Can pulling on your eyes permanently disconfigure them? If so, would there be a surgery to correct and restore to natural look?

I used to pull on my eyes when I was a little kid. To the point that they would stay stretched for a few seconds. I have diagnosed ocd (used to be... READ MORE

7 week lid retraction. What is the best way to address my concerns? Is it fair to ask for a second opinion at this point?(photo)

As you can see I am unable to push my lower lid up. There is a small band of scar tissue right under lid that I can feel. But my real concern is too... READ MORE

Can 'Curtained' Effect from Lower Blepharoplasty Be Corrected?

The skin under my eyes pulls slightly especially when I look to the sides. I would worry about another bleph to correct it because the skin is already... READ MORE

Is right eye complication and swelling due to lower blepharoplasty tendon pulled too tight? (Photo)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty with canthopexy by subciliary incision. The left eye is great. My right eye developed chemosis 21 days after... READ MORE

I had upper & lower bleph a month ago and my eyes are pulling down. What do I do? (Photo)

I feel my upper and lower bleph have both been botched, what do I do?. The surgeon said she tightened the muscle and didn't remove any skin. READ MORE

Can an upper eyelid lift that is too high be corrected by pulling down on the eyelid (lashes) several times a day? (photos)

I suffered an orbital fracture. I've had 5 surgery's in 13 months. My last surgery, to correct a drooping upper eyelid, required a cartilage implant... READ MORE

Lower line eyelashes is pulled down after lower eyelid canthopexy

I did lower eyelid canthopexy 2 month ago and my lower eyelashes line is little pet out from the normal location is pulled down I don't have ectropium... READ MORE

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