Crepey Skin + Eyelid Surgery

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Crepey Skin and Hollow Eyes After Blepharoplasty

I am 62, and have had lower Blepharoplasty 10 years ago. Now, my under eyes are sunken and the skin has a crepey appearance? What can be done for these? READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Lower Eyelid Wrinkling?

I am 55. I have some crepiness, wrinkling, and now a slight laxity in my lower eyelid skin. I did have CO2 Laser under the eyes when I was 40, which... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Extremely Thin, Wrinkled Eye Area with Under Eye Hollows, Dark Circles and Crows Feet? (photo)

I am 33 years old and have an extremely thin, fair, combo skin. My main problem is crepiness under the eyes, deep under eye wrinkles and hollows, dark... READ MORE

Under Eye Crepey Skin Wrinkling After Bleph Surgery?

I had a mini-lift with upper and lower bleph - at first my face looked great, but as the swelling receded (it's now been 8 weeks) Im noticing a major... READ MORE

Crepey Skin After Upper Blepharoplasty

The swelling from my upper bleph is finally beginning to subside (after 4 and a half weeks) however now I am noticing crepey skin on the outer side of... READ MORE

Does PRP improve for dark circles, thin skin and mild crepiness under the eyes or are Fraxel and Retin A better treatments?

I'm in my 30's and have dark circles, mild crepiness and thin skin with small visible veins under eye area. I am thinking of having PRP to help... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Crepey Wrinkles Under Eyes After Bleph and Fillers?

In April/12 I had upper/lower bleph, a SMAS lift, then in June resty and juvaderm under eyes and cheeks - also Botox I've had a few touchups in Aug... READ MORE

Suggestions on How to Improve Lower Bleph Results? (photo)

Two years post lower bleph surgery. Hollowness, sunken in, darkness and discoloration(upper and lower), dents, wrinkling and crepiness when I smile.... READ MORE

Current Trends for Lower Eyelid Surgery?

If a surgeon has vast experience in eyelid surgery, can one be assured that because of excellent skills that the usual issues with the transcutaneous... READ MORE

Excess Eyelid Skin. Starting to Look Crepey at 28? (photo)

Hi, I am a 28 year old female and have recently noticed a change in my eyelids- possibly it was there already but I hadn't seen! I have excess eyelid... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Laser or blepharoplasty for under eye bags and crepe like skin? (photos)

I'm 34 years old and have had purple/bluish bags under my eyes I was a pre-teen. I've use a lot of different makeup over the years to cover them up... READ MORE

Is under eye crepiness normal 2 years post co2 laser resurfacing and blepharoplasty? What can be done now? (photo)

I am 30 years old and 2 years ago had a lower lid blepharoplasty (fat pads removed) with co2 laser resurfacing (per dr's recommendation) just on lower... READ MORE

Can't live with these huge under eye lines (dennie morgan folds) Can blepharoplasty fix this?

They are like big wrinkles. I also have very crepy skin in the corners.I've got thin skin in the area. Please don't tell me to get my allergies under... READ MORE

3.5 Months Post Op Crepey Eyes?

At three months I mentioned to my surgeon the loose skin across the bridge of my nose and into the corner of my eye. I have wrinkles down my nose,... READ MORE

Will Crepey Wrinkly Skin After Lower Blep and Fat Transfer Resolve?

Hi I had upper/lower blep, cheek lift and fat transfer to lower lids 4 weeks ago, I am happy with the results so far and completely understand healing... READ MORE

I Had Repair for Ptosis 2 Weeks Ago and Now This Skin on Upper Eyelids is Wrinkled and Crepey. Will This Go Away?

I Had Repair for Ptosis 2 Weeks Ago and Now This Skin on Upper Eyelids is Wrinkled and Crepey. Will This Go Away? READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Upper Bleph Crepe Skin Gone but Overhang Mainly Around Inner Corner, Revision Options?

I am 60 and had upper bleph surg 8 wks ago. With aging my deep socket line had become less defined and the skin on the lid became crepe. Surgery... READ MORE

34 year old with thin skin under eye, dark circles, and bags. What are my options for improvement? (photos)

I have both under eye bags and dark circles under my eyes with crepe like upper lids. My eye area in general feels tired and loose... I am not at the... READ MORE

I have droopy, crepey lids, can't use eyeshadow, I look tired, have bags and floppy skin on lower lids. What's the best option?

Every consult except one wanted to do trannsconjunctival bleth, lower lids. Last consult surprised me. PS pointed out the whites of my eyes show... READ MORE

Day 13 post transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat repositioning: under eye skin look super wrinkled. Any suggestions?(photo)

When I smile my eye look horrific and old. I had crepey skin prior but it is way worse now. Will this resolve once swelling decreases or am I doomed? READ MORE

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