4 Months Post-op + Eyelid Surgery

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4 Months Post-Op Eyelid Surgery the Scars are Visible and Eyelids Tight, What Can I Do?

I had eyelid surgery but after 4 months the scars are still visible and my eyelids are tight. My eyes feel sore and are often red. What can I do.. READ MORE

What Can I Do For Scar Tissue Bumps on the Outer Corners of Both Eyes? Cortisone Shots Not Working.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery 4 months ago. My eyes are doing good but I have scar tissue bumps on the outer corners of both eyes. My lower surgery... READ MORE

What Are These Dark Circles/marks Under Eyes After Lower Bleph? Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I used to have eye bags now I have dark circles/marks after lower trans bleph. Is this hemosiderin staining or hyperpigmentation? It seems as if its... READ MORE

I Had Lower Eyelid Surgery 4 Months Ago and Right Eye Still has Droopiness, Options? (photo)

My right eyelid still has some droopiness. My doctor is says he could put another stitch to hold it up. Is this the best option? READ MORE

After Upper/lower Eyelid Lift Eye Won't Open All the Way? (photo)

Its been 4 months since my upper/lower eyelid lift. My left upper eye won't open all the way and the lid itself did not come down like the other eye.... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op. Lid Red, Puffy, Inflamed, and Uneven Creases? (photo)

Please give me some advise Doctors. I am very worried and depressed that my eyes is not going to get better. I am not sure if the incision was... READ MORE

One Eye Was Overcorrected, Can I Have a Second Eye Lid Surgery?

I had an upper eyelid surgery on both eyes 4 months ago . well the doctor did a good job on my left eye while he corrupted my right eye leaving it... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty and Eyelash Loss?

I had upper blepharoplasty 3.5 months ago My top and bottom lashes have been falling out ever since-more so direclty after the operation Confused why... READ MORE

4 Months After Upper and Lower Eye Surgery, Dry Eye is Really Bad. Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

Eyes are also not closing fully. Had upper + lower eye surgery w/ fat transfer + ptosis repair - now my right lower lid is lower than my left. Dr.... READ MORE

3 1/2 Months Post Upper Blepharoplasty, and my Eyes Are Very Sensitive to Light. What's Causing This?

My eyes have always been a little sensitive to sunlight, but since the surgery, it's almost to the point of being a problem; sometime it feels... READ MORE

My Lower Bleph Scar is Feeling Tight 4 Months After Surgery?

I had external excisions that have significant tightening sensations over the last month or so, which is also resulting in the lid pulling down away... READ MORE

4 Months Post Op Lower Transconjunctival Bleph. Under Certain Light The Bags Reappear? (photo)

I had transconjuctival blepharoplasty 4 months ago. The doctor said he removed alot of fat(more than he anticipated on). When looking straight ahead... READ MORE

Skin Too Tight 4 Months After Lower Blepharoplasty?

I had lower Blepharoplasty 4 mths ago. The surgeon made incisions on the outside eyelids, just below the lower eyelids & took pinches from the... READ MORE

I Have Had a Revisional Lower Blepharoplasty 3 and a Half Months Ago? (photo)

I have a very strange overcorrection in the right eye especially,and bumps and lumps,along with the incision seeming to open up on the right eye. i... READ MORE

Are Wrinkles Normal with Swelling After Blepharoplasty?

I had a blephabroplasty on my lower lids, rhinoplasty and face lift end of August. Up till now, I have swelling and bruises under my eyes, and what... READ MORE

Better Pictures of 15 Wk Post-op Scarring - Should I Do Something NOW? (photo)

As per earlier question, re: right eye scarring. Here are better pics - the flash was washing out the details. As you can see right eye incision is... READ MORE

How long after a lower bleph should one wait before having filler under the eyes and tear trough?

I had an upper and lower bleth. it has been 17 weeks. My lower eyes are very hollowed now and mt tear troth on one eye is more pronounced. I was told... READ MORE

4 Months After Top and Lower Eyelids Pulled and Sewn Too Tight into Corner. Vision Still Unsettled, Why?

Had eye operation for medical reasons 4 mths ago the end result was the top and lower lids were sown very tight into the corner pulld uptight towards... READ MORE

Does plexr cause a permanent scarring?! (photo)

I did plexr 3.5 months ago,,my eyelids are still pinkish and turn to red whenever i apply a moisturizer and when take shower!! The skin texture is... READ MORE

3.5 Months Post Op Crepey Eyes?

At three months I mentioned to my surgeon the loose skin across the bridge of my nose and into the corner of my eye. I have wrinkles down my nose,... READ MORE

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