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Embrace Active Scar Defense is a system used for scar management, including an applicator and silicone dressing. Embrace draws together both sides of the closed incision, helping to relieve the tension that is the primary cause of scarring. Embrace is intended to be used on scars that have formed during the past six months. Typical treatment time is 8 weeks. For older scars, Embrace recommends their Minimize system.

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Embrace Scar Therapy - Boston, MA

I had my mommy makeover and I am 10 days post op. I decided to go with Embrace scar therapy as my choice of scar treatment. I was cleared by my doctor yesterday. I applied my first application today. It was fairly easy to applied if you read all the directions. I also watched some videos on... READ MORE

Post-Tummy Tuck Scar - Scottsdale, AZ

I received the Embrace Scar Therapy with my tummy tuck procedure, and just a little more than 4 months after my surgery, I think it was worth it. The scar was already minimal and low thanks to Dr. Repta's expertise, but the Embrace Scar Therapy left me with a lighter, smoother scar than I... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment - Chattanooga, TN

Using the Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment for my second breast lift and compare to the scars from my first breast lift of which I only used Mederma. I'm looking to make the scars as thin and unnoticeable as possible. I'll start treatment this week which is week 2 Post Op of my breast lift and... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy - Rosemont, IL

Dr. Szczerba performed a bilateral explant with scar revision. My scars were hypertrophic in nature from the implants so it was likely the same thing was going to happen when I had the explant and scar revision. The doctor recommended Embrace Scar Therapy and I used it for three months. The... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy - Expander Replaced with Implants-hallelujah!

LCIS diagnosis February - double mastectomy March 31, 2015. Received amazing guidance and treatment at UCD Doctors Bold & Sahar. Successful surgery. Expanders in place...a necessary evil. Four months later, viola, implants...what a relief! Elected Embrace Therapy to do my part in 'fine... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy for Tummy Tuck Scar - Sacramento, CA

I decided even before I did my TT that I wanted to use scar therapy so I could help my scar heal nicely. I started using embrace about 4 weeks after my procedure. The first silicone sheets were applied at my surgeons office. After the first 10 days I went to remove it and there was a... READ MORE

Brachioplasty on Upper Arms - Folsom, CA

I'm 69 YO and very fit, but was bothered by sagging skin on my upper arms. About 5 weeks after my surgery I started using the Embrace Scar Defense System. It was easy to use and stayed on through showering, tennis, exercising for 5 days. It really helped speed up the healing of the scars. Now... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy Really Works - Spokane, WA

I saved up for a while for my TT and it was a big deal for me financially. I am so glad I took a chance on Embrace Scar Therapy because I believe that it made my scar lighter and flatter than the average TT patient. It was expensive but to me it was worth it. My PS could have gotten it for me at... READ MORE

Embrace on Tummy Tuck. Missouri City, TX

I came across Embrace after searching for scar treatments for my Tummy Tuck incision and thought I'd give it a try. All the clinical before and afters looked great, so I hope I can get amazing results. I started my first treatment at 5 weeks post op after my tape was removed and had it on for 9... READ MORE

Embrace for Scarring from Arm Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

You must get the embrace gel sheets for scarring they feel great and I am having such a great result. I went one week without them and I noticed a difference in the healing. I am hooked on the embrace silicone gel sheets. I cannot wait to reveal my scarring from my complete brachioplasty.... READ MORE

Best scar therapy ever!

As a 53 year old woman having breastfeeding enhancement I can't imagine not using Embrace scar therapy. The results are amazing! The scars are almost invisible. I appreciate that Dr. GUERRA offered it. WORTH EVERY PENNY! READ MORE

Breast Aug Scar Theraphy Review

Overall I was happy with the embrace scar therapy. My scars have healed wonderfully and are barely noticeable. I am not sure however if this is due to the embrace scar therapy or due to the natural healing process. Due to the cost of embrace ($1000) I would recommend to hold off on this... READ MORE

Love the Results

When I was presented with the addition of the Embrace Therapy costs I quickly agreed. Having a breast augmentation to achieve a certain look I wanted the additional help of this therapy to help minimize the scars. I am glad that I said yes. I wish I had the pictures of before, during and after... READ MORE

38 Year Old - Henderson, NV

I started my Embrace Scar therapy treatment 4 weeks after my breast lift with implants. I continued my treatment for the full 8 weeks recommended and am very pleased with my results. My scars have healed very nicely and at only 3 months post surgery are looking way better then I would have... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy Helped Ensure a Great Outcome in my Cosmetic Surgery Investment

I recently had a mommy makeover which included a breast lift, augmentation and a mini tummy tuck. With such a substantial financial investment in cosmetic surgery, I wanted to be sure that my surgical scars healed with as little lasting visual reminders as possible. After researching the... READ MORE

Scar Revision After Breastlft

I've been using embrace for almost a month , so far the scars look good , flat and thin ., not sure how good it will work around the areola but I was told to use the large one all over the lollipop incision, i hope it works , I had a little opening and it took ages to heal under the strip , it... READ MORE

37 Year Old Post Muscle Repair, Full Abdominoplasty and Breast Augmentation Looking to Reduce my Scars

I decided to try Embrace scar therapy after much research. I am only on my second application (each application lasts about 10 days) but I can already tell my scars are less raised. What amazed me even more about this product has been the customer service. After I received my order I had... READ MORE


I was worried about my scars cause I have a tendency to scar badly but The Embrace did wonders!!! My scars from my breast augmentation are barely noticeable. My scars are very smooth to the touch and so small. I just wish the Embrace was available when I got my c-section over 11 years ago. ... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Lone Tree, CO

My plastic surgeon highly recommended using Embrace on my DIEP flap abdominal scar. I've done 3 of 4 applications and am quite happy so far. The scar looks relatively thin and flat. Much nicer than the breast scars that didn't get Embrace. It adds some nice stability to the incision site. It's... READ MORE

Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment a Must!!! - Lone Tree, CO

I used Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment after a full tummy tuck and I couldn't be happier. Not only did it help with the scar healing, but it reduced the pain in my abdomen following my surgery and it allowed me to wear skinny jeans just a week after my procedure! My scar is barely noticeable... READ MORE

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