Bottom Teeth + Dental Implants

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Problems with dental implants. The bottom ones move, and cause pain. Can I have them fixed?

I had dental implants done in India. The bottom once are firm and perfect but the top once are loose and move and the slightest pressure causes... READ MORE

Are implants possible to replace my bottom front teeth (5) due to severe bone loss/periodontal disease? (Photo)

I have slowly been losing bone and gum recession on my bottom front teeth from incisor to incisor (I think that's what it's called for the sharp... READ MORE

Because of perndonal I had my 4 front bottom teeth removed and a Maryland bridge was put in?

It has been over 25 years and now the bridge is loose do I need to replace it or what can I do? READ MORE

How long is to long to get an implant supported denture after your remaining natural teeth are extracted?

I have 6 bottom teeth left on the bottom, one tooth is supposedly dead, 2 dentists recommended, that I have them extracted and get dentures, once I... READ MORE

About implants: I have had two implants put in bottom jaw (photos)

Hi my name is Marlene I have had two implants put in bottom jaw I have been like this for about 16months or more I have had no teeth for about 10years... READ MORE

Mini implant for lower denture? (Photo)

I'm 36yrs old and just went to a dentist today for the first time in 18yrs. I haven't been able to afford to go until now. I had pretty teeth in my... READ MORE

Are there any small permanent dentures that can be fixed to other teeth for the 4 front bottom teeth? (photos)

I have a gum disease, that wasnt treated in the past and lead me to my actual situation. My main question is about the bottom jaw, the 2 main front... READ MORE

I have a missing bottom molar #18. Should I get an implant or get the top molar pulled?

I have a missing #18 and was given the option of a $4000 procedure for implant and crown and to shave the top molar and crown that also, to get a... READ MORE

After implants for denture stabilization, can there be bone loss in later years, leading to having them removed?

Right now I have 6 bottom front teeth, 1 tooth needs a root canal, but the dentist referred me to a surgeon to have them removed and suggested to get... READ MORE

I had 2 implants on lower 1 month ago, at 10 days I had infection and area was opened to heal, now told need implant removal

The dental implant area is healing by secondary intention after they surgically removed infection and granuloma tissue, still open but healing.... READ MORE

What shall I do over what they have done to my gums please

I don't now what to do they say that they are going to put a bar in to keep the fouls teeth in but it's not what I wanted READ MORE

Can I have 4 teeth put in bottom of my mouth?

My camera isn't working on my phone sorry READ MORE

I have a gap in my bottom teeth due to an old baby tooth with no permanent under it. How do I fix it?(Photo)

I've always had a very very small baby tooth on my lower set of teeth right in the middle. Even worse? It had no permanent tooth under it so if I lost... READ MORE

Treatment plan for lower 5 missing teeth?

Right side 2 premolars and molors left and left side canine,premolor and molor left and need deep cleaning.if put implant for right side canine.bone... READ MORE

Are Cerec implants as good as regular implants? They seem a lot more reasonable in price.

I have a bottom molar with a cracked root. I need an implant apparently. I am reading about Cerec implants and they are less expensive. I really... READ MORE

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