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Can I Have Dental Implants with Two Artificial Knees?

Ive had two knee replacements done. Im 65. is it possible to have dental implants done after this surgery? READ MORE

I am 65 years old and I would like a tooth implant. Am I too old to have one?

I am a 65 year old woman in good health. However within the last year, I have lost 2 teeth; they become loose and fall out. I brush and use a water... READ MORE

Should I have dental implants, or would dentures be more suitable?

I am 67, in good health, but due to a lot of grinding and clenching over the years and a lot of dental work, most of my crowns are cracked and have... READ MORE

65 yrs old, missing teeth 18 & 19 with more needing removed: Can I get partial implants?

I am 65 yrs old and missing tooth 18 & 19 which were extracted many years ago. My present dentist wants to extract tooth 17 & 14 because they are... READ MORE

I'm a 73 year old male considering a full set of upper and lower dental implants.

I was informed several years ago that, because of upper jaw bone loss, that I would need a sinus implant to hold the teeth implants in place. Does... READ MORE

I am a 67 year old woman in good health and I don't look my age. Implants w/ bridges or Implants w/false teeth?

I have to make a decision for my top teeth. Four more implants, replace crowns and connect with two bridges or/ pull all remaining teeth, do implants... READ MORE

What is the maximum age for getting implants in case of gum decease?

I am nearly 70 years old with few teeth loose due to bone loss. Am I a good candidate at this age to get implants? Do I have enough bone for that? READ MORE

I have an infection and bone loss on my implant. How much discomfort can I expect with implant removal and bone grafting?

I've had the implant 13 years and have significant bone loss. There are no other teeth on one side of implant and I'm told it does the work of 4 teeth... READ MORE

I am 73 and in good health. I recently had extraction of upper left #15 due to fracture.

I am considering implant but the cost may be prohibitive. what are the consequences at my age of doing nothing? READ MORE

Two root canals in my upper left molar that are failing. They are calcified at the tips. They want to try & redo.

Too close to sinus cavity to cut calcifications away. My 2 choices are to redo root canal or pull tooth and then have gum surgery. I am 67 both docs... READ MORE

I have been told that no implants are possible for me due to total bone loss. (Photo)

My present fixed upper denture keeps coming out due to lack of supports. I am 65 yrs old, had a open heart bypass 10 yrs back, diabetic well... READ MORE

I need an implant on a lower molar. One day procedures Vs those over a few months? (photos)

How are the one day procedures different from the longer over a few months procedures? I don't have the money for an implant and I am reading that I... READ MORE

Should I also consult a periodontist besides a prosthodontist regarding possible full mouth extraction and implants?

I'm 30-year old and had been neglecting dental care. I saw a general dentist recently for the first time in a long time. After examining my mouth and... READ MORE

I am told I need an implant due to a root canal under a bridge in my mouth. I am 74 years old.

A periodontics was recommended to me BUT he says he is trained with molecular testing to implant and place a crown or bridge the same day! is this a... READ MORE

Are Cerec implants as good as regular implants? They seem a lot more reasonable in price.

I have a bottom molar with a cracked root. I need an implant apparently. I am reading about Cerec implants and they are less expensive. I really... READ MORE

I have an abscessed tooth lower right, already had prior root canal prior about 20 yrs ago.

My new Dr & I have been discussing root canal vs implant. I'm needing two implants behind abcessed tooth toward front. Which is cheaper, better... READ MORE

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