Nerves + Dental Crown

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Is the nerve in my root canal not completely killed or could there be another issue such as a poorly fitting crown? (photos)

1. Itchy, throbbing pain in root canal crown. 2. Pain when pressure is applied to crown such as when eating, touching, or tapping the crown. 3. Gum... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have nerve pain from crowned tooth, over a month later?

I had a crown procedure, no root canal, done on November 15th. I am still having nerve pain in the tooth even chewing on soft things like gum. It... READ MORE

Why would I have an exposed nerve after having a tooth crowned/capped?

It is a recent crown-December 2012. Sensitive from day one. Not a porcelain crown. READ MORE

Is Root Canal Treatment RCT always better than no treatment to a painless dead nerve tooth?

First, is a tooth with root canal no more dead or less vital than is a tooth with a dead nerve?  Yes or No?  ----  A simple ice cube... READ MORE

Removed my old crown. After getting my upper front tooth capped my lower teeth touches the back of crown. Suggestion? (photo)

The dentist could not well reshape my existing teeth saying the older dentist did the cutting wrong exposing my nerve,anyway he did some drilling and... READ MORE

Black areas on gums following crowns. Dead tissue? Reversible?

I live in Cambodia and had my two top front teeth crowned around a year ago here. I am not sure if they are pure porcelain or fused with metal. Since... READ MORE

Pain on tooth when biting after having permanent crown put on

They had a hard time getting the temporary crown off. It felt as if they were pulling my tooth out and this created pain. He had to deaden my mouth to... READ MORE

I got a crown about 3 weeks ago to fix a cracked tooth. Now sensitive to cold and pressure. Could I have bruised the nerve?

I cracked my back molar a few weeks back and had to get a crown as a result. All of a sudden today my tooth is sensitive to cold and direct pressure... READ MORE

Temporary crown pain after a few days?

I recently got a temporary crown. My dentist who I have been going to told me the nerve was not exposed, no root canal necessary. It was fine, just... READ MORE

Crowns and root canals and still in pain?

Just had 2 crowns then root canals on them done. I am still experiencing nerve related pain! Last root canal was a week ago. The tooth next to the 2... READ MORE

Extreme sensitivity after temporary crown. Do I need a root canal?

While getting tooth drilled down for temporary crown, there was significant nerve pain in a certain area. I was unable to chew on that side while I... READ MORE

A file was left in my canal by the gd and endo - after 3 root canals and not being told until 8 months later.

My Tooth THROBBED daily - assumed it from the 3 rc tooth absessed when I went back to try remove the file the ed drilled into my crown heard a... READ MORE

Crown replaced due to age and SLIGHT sensitivity to cold.

I had an old crown replaced. When temporary was removed, assistant was cleaning glue from area and hit a nerve. Permenant crown put on...ever since, 4... READ MORE

I have had the nerve removed from a front tooth and a crown fitted after the tooth itself just broke off.

I do have a very deep bite and now the crown is beginning to protude and twist. Do roots move around? I can just push it back into place but am afraid... READ MORE

I went to the dentist for extreme pain on my front crown but the tooth next to it is hurting.

The doctor said the toot i'm complaing about doesn't have a nerve and had a root canal years ago already . both teeth are crowns. READ MORE

Dentist says I need a root canal just 3 months after my new crown was placed. I feel he screwed this one up! Is this normal?

#14 had 2 fillings. Tooth crowned mid Feb. I was fine for a week. Then cold/pressure sensitivity and sore spot near the gum line. I've had 3 bite... READ MORE

Pain only when flossing on 1 tooth after the neighbor tooth was crowned, what could be the cause & does it need to be recrowned?

While I still had a temporary tooth on I noticed an extreme pain on the molar that sits right in front of the temp. tooth, I feel the pain only when... READ MORE

Should I have a root canal even though there are no obvious signs of nerve problems with my tooth?

18 months ago my dentist replaced an old filling in my back molar with a crown. The tooth appeared cracked apparently. When I chew any food with... READ MORE

Need root canal on 20+ yr old double bridged cap because of minor symbolic discomfort and radiolucency on root with nerve dying.

Had bridge removed and replaced again after cavity repaired a few months ago and now told need root canal, to be done drilling through cap. What % of... READ MORE

Follow-up: Avoid a root canal (Photos)

Hello, Thank you all for answering my question. I still don't know what to do. I want to save my molar. I want to avoid a root canal. I know there're... READ MORE

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