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Can Damon Braces Fix Flaring Teeth and Overbite Without Extractions? (photo)

I had six month smiles done, and after they were taken off I realized my teeth flare forward. I can just barely close my lips now, I'm so unhappy... READ MORE

Damon Braces System Made My Face Longer. Any Alternative Ways To Straighten Teeth Without Face Lengthening?

I have been wearing damon system for 7 months. w/o extraction. I have a 4 mm overbite problem and my bottom front teeth are a little crowded (but not... READ MORE

Uneven Smile, Overbite & Cross Bite After Extraction and Braces. What Can Be Done to Correct This? (photo)

I wore braces for 4 years ( Damon II ) after extracting 4 teeth. Now I have pushed back teeth( whole jaw pushed further back causing a flat profile),... READ MORE

Ortho Says I'm Done with Treatment. VERY Unhappy with Results?

I've had damon braces for a yr and a half. My ortho said he would correct my overbite and overjet, bit he has not. I've been asking him for months... READ MORE

Would damon braces fix my overbite?

My orthodontist told me i'd need two perfectly healthy teeth extracted or double jaw surgery in order to correct my overbite. I won't accept my teeth... READ MORE

Damon Braces or Invisalign?

Hello All, I'm kind of stuck here. My orthodontist told me that I can get Damon braces to fix my overbite and bring down a tooth that hasn't come down... READ MORE

I'm interested in Damon braces to correct my bite, and some crowding. I had braces as a child. Are molar bands used?

I'm concerned BC my dentist initially said my back upper two right molars that got crowns might fail. She said I had a 50/50 chance of successful... READ MORE

Is my midline off-centered? (photos)

I'm wearing damon braces for almost 5 months now. I have an overbite problem and gaps in between my lower teeth. Months passed by and I have already... READ MORE

Will Damon braces correct a 4mm overbite?

Ive heard that Damon braces also do Not require rubber bands or elastics to fix an overbite, is this true? Or will I have to get elastics? Thanks! READ MORE

Can Damon Braces fix an overbite, 4mm overjet and crowding WITHOUT tooth extractions?

I got traditional braces two weeks ago and I need to get 4 tooth extractions pretty soon. The first premolars on the top and the second premolars on... READ MORE

I have a malocclusion class II with overbite, over jet and crowded teeth. Are Damon System Braces suitable for me? (Photo)

I had 2 premolars removed from the left side. My doctors told me that I have to wear braces, after removing the premolars from the right side and then... READ MORE

Have an overbite that covers over my bottom teeth. So my bottom teeth sometimes bite into my roof of my mouth. Any suggestion?

My gum in between my top middle teeth has come apart from my two front teeth because of my overbite. What should I do? READ MORE

Can the Damon Q System fix my overbite and gap with bicuspid removal? (photo)

I'm 27 yrs old and I'm looking to get braces once again. I had them taken off when I was 18, my overbite and gap have reappeared. The only thing... READ MORE

Two plans for orthodontic treatment. Which one will have a better result and fewer problems in the future? Thank you! (Photo)

1. damon system. 1.5 years. No extraction. I prefer this plan. However, the main concern about my teeth is overjet (seen first 2 photos). The first... READ MORE

7 permanent teeth (my canines and four bottom ones) removed for ortho treatment as a child...is there hope for me? (photo)

I am now 28 years old and my smile is very narrow and my bottom teeth are pushed in towards my tongue creating an overbite. I also have some facial... READ MORE

How much do Damon Braces cost in Canada?

I have a very severe overbite and crossbite as well as very crooked teeth. How much do you think treatment will cost to address these problems? READ MORE

Will my orthodontist have to extract teeth to correct my teeth alignment and provide space? (Photo)

I've been wearing damon braces for about 2 months for mild to moderate crowding. My mouth is small as well. My front lower teeth are now flaring and... READ MORE

Which braces am I the best candidate for and how long will it be necessary to wear them? (Damon clear preferred) (Photo)

26 yoa. Have a off center midline due to an impacted canine. Overbite. 3 partially erupted wisdom teeth and one impacted. Overcrowding of the lower... READ MORE

Damon or Incognito or Invisalign? (Photo)

Hello, I am 31 years old, I have overbite and narrow arches of teeth.Not sure which braces would be the most effective in my case. I think because of... READ MORE

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