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Damon Braces Vs Regular Braces

Which is better, damon braces or regular braces for moderately crooked teeth? READ MORE

Trade-off Between Dental Implant and Braces for Extracted Tooth?

I recently consulted an orthondist who advised me that instead of a dental implant, she can actually use braces to pull my two back teeth forward,... READ MORE

Damon Braces Vs Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

I need professional help selecting which between Damon brackets w/ Suresmile wires or Invisalign. The dentist told me that it might be 12 months with... READ MORE

Can Damon Braces Fix Flaring Teeth and Overbite Without Extractions? (photo)

I had six month smiles done, and after they were taken off I realized my teeth flare forward. I can just barely close my lips now, I'm so unhappy... READ MORE

Correct Buck Teeth Without Extraction? Damon Braces?

I am 24 yrs old,looking for good braces to correct my buck teeth. Basically all my teeth are OK, except the two buck teeth in front. I went to see an... READ MORE

Candidate For Damon Braces Used to Widen a Narrow Smile? (photo)

I am considering braces to correct an overbite (told it was 80%)and am in my late 50's. I have tension in my jaw, signs of TMJ and my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Do Damon Metal Braces Work Better Than Damon Clear Braces? (photo)

I have a narrow V shaped upper arch, will Damon clear braces be sufficient to widen the arch? Or would Damon metal braces be more effective as they... READ MORE

Can Damon Braces Get Colored? or Are They Plain?

I am getting Damon braces and I heard they are "self-ligitating". Does that mean that I can't get colors? Do I have to get the plain metal ones? READ MORE

Can Damon Widen Lower Arch and Pull Teeth Back Effectively?

My teeth are too front forward and crowded due my lower arch being kind of narrow. Could the Damon system address this? READ MORE

31 Years Old Asian Female with Buck Teeth -Concerns Damon Braces?

Recently,I decided to fix my buck teeth. My teeth are in fairly good shape (see figure). A little crowd but straight. The upper two front teeth are... READ MORE

Missing First Molar, Can the Space be Closed with Damon Braces?

I have missing both down first molars from 10 years, last year after dental work on 5 teeth on the right side i my teeth start to move and my bite was... READ MORE

Damon Braces System Made My Face Longer. Any Alternative Ways To Straighten Teeth Without Face Lengthening?

I have been wearing damon system for 7 months. w/o extraction. I have a 4 mm overbite problem and my bottom front teeth are a little crowded (but not... READ MORE

After Getting Braces, I Can't Seem to Bite Properly, Is This Normal?

I just got braces on the top set of teeth 3 days ago, and since then, I couldn't bite down properly. This is due to the edges of the top back teeth... READ MORE

What Are Damon Braces?

What is the differences between damon and regular braces or invisalign? What do they look like? Thank you. READ MORE

Does Damon Braces Work if You Want to Pull All Your Teeth Forward when Missing Some Teeth?

My old orthodontist decided to pull my teeth together without giving me implantss for my four baby teeth that didn't have adult teeth behind them.... READ MORE

Uneven Smile, Overbite & Cross Bite After Extraction and Braces. What Can Be Done to Correct This? (photo)

I wore braces for 4 years ( Damon II ) after extracting 4 teeth. Now I have pushed back teeth( whole jaw pushed further back causing a flat profile),... READ MORE

What Exactly is the Damon Braces "Philosophy of Orthodontics"?

In reading various posts and articles, I often see that brand of braces brackets don't matter but the orthodontist does - that makes sense to me. But... READ MORE

Ortho Says I'm Done with Treatment. VERY Unhappy with Results?

I've had damon braces for a yr and a half. My ortho said he would correct my overbite and overjet, bit he has not. I've been asking him for months... READ MORE

Invisalign Treatment Time Vs Damon Braces Treatment Time?

Initially i wanted to get invisalign and got a clincheck saying treatment time would be 14 months. My dentist suggested that Damon braces would how... READ MORE

How Much Does a Complete Treatment with Damon Braces Cost in London?

How Much Does a Complete Treatment with Damon Braces Cost in London? READ MORE

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