CoolSculpting Videos

3 Doctor Approved Reasons to Love CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is being advertised everywhere, but does it really work and is it really worth it? Dr. Narin Apisarnthanarax thinks so. VIEW NOW

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Amy's CoolSculpting Treatment For the Tummy Pooch

Dr. Christian Drehsen documented his patient Amy's first CoolSculpting treatment experience. Amy is a 25-year-old working professional and mom. VIEW NOW


Before CoolSculpting do I need to Follow a Diet Program or Take Supplements?

Dr. Anil Rajani answers a question many CoolSculpting patients have: "Do I also need to be on a diet program to see results?" VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Treatment: When Will I See my Results?

Dr. Anil Rajani answers the most common question asked by his CoolSculpting patients: "When will I see results after my treatment?" VIEW NOW

Can I Return to Normal Activities after CoolSculpting?

Dr. Anil Rajani discusses when patients can expect to return to their normal everyday activities after their CoolSculpting treatment. VIEW NOW

What Does CoolSculpting Feel Like?

Dr. Anil Rajani explains what it feels like to have a CoolSculpting treatment. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Side Effects and Results

Dr. Anil Rajani answers a question many patients have regarding side effects after being treated with CoolSculpting. VIEW NOW

Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

Dr. Anil Rajani discusses what happens to fat after a CoolSculpting treatment and whether or not the fat is permanently gone for good. VIEW NOW

Can CoolSculpting Reduce Fat Anywhere on my Body?

Dr. Anil Rajani answers a question regarding whether or not CoolSculpting can reduce fat anywhere on your body, or if only certain areas can be treated. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Treatment Length and Number of Sessions Required

Dr. Anil Rajani outlines the time required for a CoolSculpting treatment, as well as how many sessions are required for best results. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Cost and Factors That Impact the Price?

Dr. Anil Rajani explains the factors behind the cost of CoolSculpting, a fat reduction treatment. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Wrinkles, Fat Burning and More

Dr. Ronald Schuster discusses non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Indications, goals, and selection are emphasized during the discussion. VIEW NOW

Quick CoolSculpting Demonstration Video

Dr. Shamim Shakibai shares this video of his nurse demonstrating a CoolSculpting treatment on this woman's sides. The process is painless, quick, and allows you the ability to work while getting treated. Results can be expected as early as 3 weeks. VIEW NOW

Which CoolSculpting Providers Produce the Best Results?

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim and Marouska share this video to discuss the advantages of getting more out of CoolSculpting treatments from CoolSculpting-certified providers. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting and Fillers Demonstration

Dr. Dean Kane and Lauri walk us through the significant difference a quick filler treatment can make, in addition to demonstrating what a CoolSculpting treatment looks like on a live patient. VIEW NOW