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Like most other dental implants, ClearChoice's are medical-grade titanium implant fixtures that are fused to the jaw bone, with permanent crowns (and bridges, if needed) placed on the implants. ClearChoice operates implant centers around the U.S. which offer a variety of implant procedures. LEARN MORE ›

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I am 45 years old & my teeth are almost all gone. I currently have no molars, a bridge that is broken & could break off at any moment. I only have 17 teeth left and all are crowned accept three. Three of the 17 are just roots & need to be pulled. I was born in England & for the first 7 years... READ MORE

I wanted to look and speak with confidence. My speech is good and I have s great smile. Everyone comment on my smile. I get stopped all the time about my teeth being so white and beautiful. I love it and I am glad I made the sacrifice. I will do it again. I wish I had done it earlier. I will... READ MORE

ClearChoice in Columbia Maryland ( Dr Paik and Dr Gardner ) I have a smile that is, totally, beyond my wildest expectations I went in the morning for surgery, with sedation. When I woke up the upper teeth were removed. 5 implants were placed in. I was taken to a private recovery room with... READ MORE

I was terrified to go through with this! I found out last fall/winter that I had a crack in tooth #9 that went all the way up to the root. I got a second opinion and they were certain that the tooth was going to have to come out. I have always had very nice teeth and have always taken very good... READ MORE

I have had bad teeth the majority of my life. An overbite one dentist said he "could drive a truck through" combined with a "congenital defect" in my jaws and upper arch, which needs a chunk taken out of it, and lower jaw needs to be realigned. Could have been fixed with braces. If I had done... READ MORE

Terribly disappointed in the outcome. ClearChoice Dental Implant of Kansas (and Greater Kansas City) has advertisements on television/internet advertising excellent outcomes but this is far from the case. The impressions for preparation of the crowns were done by poorly supervised assistants who... READ MORE

I would love to smile and have a desent conversation with someone I have trouble talking to my kid my goals r to keep positive with my self that my teeth my be bad but I'm trying to be a positive person I keep to mysefe because I am embarresd or like to fix my self up who would like to feel that way READ MORE

I'm interested in getting this done. I have had bad teeth from the start. My adult teeth all grew in crooked and yellow now I'm missing multiple teeth and have multiple root canals. It would be so amazing if they did charity work. It's so sad for people to have to walk around embarrassed of... READ MORE

Hi! I've always had bad teeth. I get cavities no matter how frequently u brush. I went to the dentist regularly, and got filling after filling. Then my dentist retired. I saw the guy who took over his practice, and had a filling done, and that was the beginning of the end. He left a big... READ MORE

I got myself full implants up and down because I had for almost 20 years nothing but problems with my teeth. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I went to clear choice in Atlanta. The presidure itself took one day. I am so very happy with the result and care I received. I get a ton... READ MORE

I just had my surgery Dec. 21, 2012 at the San Diego CC. I received full denture implants, 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, with teeth extractions as well. Looking at some real pretty teeth right now, of course just temporaries. Everyday I feel something different happening during my recovering.... READ MORE

Awesome experience, no pain (except maybe for the wallet) would I do it again? Without any hesitation what's so ever. If you're looking for any negative comments, I'm glad to disappoint you. The care and helpfulness of the staff was excellent. i feel 6 feet taller afterwards, and the compliments... READ MORE

I found Dr. Gabor O and his team very professional. Dr.Gabor made me feel at ease the minute i met him. I had 7 extractions under IV sedation as i'm quite nervous of dental treatment and I received 18 implants. The implant surgery was done on the very first day and I received a full set of top... READ MORE

I went to consultation yesterday in san antonio and talked to suzie. she was very helpful and not pushy at all. i toured the facility, met the lab technicians, but I passed on meeting the prosthodontist yet. My work up appt is july 27th at 7:30 a.m. I will meet him then. I had been diagnosed... READ MORE

That's right my cost was zero. And do you know why? Because for the last two years Clear Choice has run a little know contest for Veterans called " Star Spangled Smiles". What they do is select from people in each of the cities where they have Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers,... READ MORE

I feel like I have been run over by a truck. They did put me to sleep for the procedure. I woke up and they were putting the implants in my gum and it was excruciating pain. The dentist had to come in a numb me ,and that helped a small amount. I could not understand why they did not do this... READ MORE

Had very many missing and broken teeth and finally decided to do something about it! Very nice office staff and the doctor who runs the office is very very particular and precise! I am very happy now and even sent flowers after it was all done! There really wasnt much pain afterwards, however I... READ MORE

I would really like to have this done but know I can never afford to. Does anyone know if they take very small payments. I can't afford insurance and all the low income places just pull my teeth. An if anything does get fixed it just falls out. I am suppose to get married but wont set a date... READ MORE

Between my teeth being pulled and than start to break my teeth where in bad shape.I decided to call Clear Choice and go to the conciliation.I am so glad I did.I can smile with confidence now.Everyone from the young ladies at the front desk to the dental assistant working with patients really... READ MORE

Clear Choice Las Vegas was an excellent experience and I highly recommend them if you are contemplating a consultation. It wasn't cheap, but good healthcare and service in general isn't. After years of dental neglect I had a few fractured teeth and needed some implants. Went in for the free... READ MORE

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How much do ClearChoice Dental Implants cost?

The typical cost for ClearChoice Dental Implants ranges from $12,000-$44,000 with an average cost of $28,750. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 48 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more