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Straight Teeth Coming Soon!

I have wanted and needed braces since I was young. My parents could never afford them so I have had crooked teeth all my life. With the support from my wonderful husband I have decided to get clear correct at age 25 and finally straighten out my smile. I will wear the corrective trays for an... READ MORE

CLEAR CORRECT: Crowding Issues, Keep Up with My Progress!

TRAY 1: 8/7/2017 Day1: Tongue was cut a little due to sharp foreign objects in my mouth. Definitely have a lisp and speech impairments, but hoping it will go away. End of the day, mouth was sore and teeth are sore. Day 2: Grew a little bubble under my tongue due to the sharp edges of the... READ MORE

Trying to Get a Smile I Can Smile About. - Brentwood, TN

Just got my starter kit yesterday on what the dentists thinks will be about an 8 month journey. Over the course of the last nearly two years I have been trying to correct what a few years of neglect did. I had to have a lot of gum work done. Thankfully I think I caught it in time. Let that be a... READ MORE

32 and Imagining a Gapless Life.

I, like most who use Clear Correct, didn't like how my teeth looked and wanted to take care of it and now I've got the means and am making it happen. I just started with my first tray a few days ago and it was painful at first like most said but it has gone away. Thanks to reading a lot of... READ MORE

Teeth are worse than when I started.

I'm on my last tray and Clear Correct has been a nightmare. First, the dentist put the button on my front teeth a little off from where the button is on the retainer causing the retainer to push into my teeth and damage the tooth structure, I told my dentist about this but he brushed it off. My... READ MORE

Australian 46 Year Old Hoping for a Smile to Be Proud Of! Australia, AU

In the last 7 years my teeth have been making me feel self conscious as the overcrowding is becoming worse, when I look back at photos when I was 40, my teeth were fairly straight. All of my teeth are now pushing forward and the side molars are sinking inwards. The movement is continuing year by... READ MORE

Straightening my Teeth... Years Overdue! - Australia

Hi guys, I have just started my journey with ClearCorrect. After years of procrastination I decided to go with it and I choose to go with this company as they were able to provide a plan with did not require filing down my teeth, which has always been a No No for me. I am having 16 aligners over... READ MORE

Straight Teeth Time - Wixom, MI

Hi there, my name is Jasmine and I live in michigan. I'm 13 years old and starting my clear correct journey! It took almost 3 months to get my phase 0. I got my phase 0 trays on April 24. When I first got my trays they were REALLY tight. They didn't hurt but they were just uncomfortable. I... READ MORE

Braces...AGAIN -Tray 1 - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

So I was really excited and yet dreading getting braces for a second time. I had the wire ones when I was a junior in high school. I remember it being painful when they were tightened. But the end result was great. I was told to only wear my retainers for a year and then after that no need. Well... READ MORE

19 Years Old- Severe Crowding - Houston, TX

Currently, I have had 2 teeth removed, and had my impressions taken a few days ago. Being from Houston, I anticipate that the travel time will not be so long. It is a bit scary considering I currently have a 1 cm gap in my bottom teeth. Sophomore year of college starts in a month, and I at least... READ MORE

Spacing in Clear Correct (Dentist Said It Was Tracking Normally)

I have a Limited 6 case and the clear correct has never since day one fit tightly around my teeth there has always been a small gap mainly noticeable on one tooth and bubbles in my clear correct. I am currently on tray 3 and have noticed movement but don't feel like it has ever fit correctly my... READ MORE

45 Yr Old Wanting to Close Gap and Correct Overbite. Hillsborough, NC

Just received trays 1 & 2 today and was told I'll be wearing each tray for 3 weeks. Looking at the package, it says I'll have 16 trays. Immediate pressure when I put tray 1 in - WOW. The pain has eased some and so far, I haven't had to pop any pills. I'll upload pics soon. Any advise is... READ MORE

Clear Correct Journey. Dodge City, KS

I've always wanted to get braces but my parents couldn't afford them. Now that I'm older, married and with two beautiful kids i didnt want the metal braces. I decided to go with clear correct. I had phase 0 for two weeks and today I got phase 1a. The doctor decided to shave a little of my bottom... READ MORE

An "Iffy" Start, but Hoping for the Best. - Amherst, NY

My initial appointment for my impressions was April 2nd, 2015. After the impressions I was given an appointment for April 30 to pick up my first starter tray. ( my dentist did inform me of the possibility they may have to move the appointment if they don't come in by then, as it could take up to... READ MORE

41 Year Old Male from Long Island, NY. Franklin Square, NY

I have always wanted straight teeth but never wanted metal braces. My teeth were never that bad and look straight from a front view but looking at my side profile my front tooth stuck out and I figured now is the time to do something about it. So my journey started on 11/2. That is when I... READ MORE

Day 1 of Clear Correct - Denver, CO

I'm impressed with how they feel in my teeth, they do not overlap on my gums like I've seen in some reviews, I have a sight ache but it's tolerable and normal. I love that they are bearly visible. I have a slight lisp both I'm sure it will go away in a few weeks. Overall I'm very impressed and... READ MORE

I have slight crowding on my bottom teeth and an overbite. Cant wait to see how this journey goes :)

I have always had a slight overbite and I finally decided to do something for myself and fix it. Being older I wasn't sure if I wanted to do braces with such a little fix. I am on phase 0 right now, I understand the importance of this phase with making sure it fits correctly but I do not feel... READ MORE

27 Year Old, Starting Clear Correct to Fix Lateral Incisors That Stick out - Miami, FL

So I received the starter kit for clear correct exactly 1 week ago. I had a lisp the first day or two and I was very aware of having the tray in my mouth. On the first day, I also had some sores on my tongue from rubbing on the edge of the tray. Those quickly went away though and I'm adjusting... READ MORE

23 Old Female - For my Confidence - Marion, IN

I have always been insecure about my teeth. There was a time where we did not have the money or insurance to go the dentist so I always felt like they were unhealthy. My dental hygiene is much better now that I'm an adult but still insecure about the straightness of my teeth. I'm 23 and am not... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Always Wanted Straight Teeth! - Shrewsbury, NJ

I just started this process for I am just on my starter set! I only got one tray and my ortho is confirming with clear correct that everything's okay. Unlike other reviews I have read, I don't feel any pain! I just feel like something is hugging my teeth! I'm just getting started here so I'll... READ MORE

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