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Clear braces use a series of clear, removable aligner trays to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. LEARN MORE ›

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CFAST Adult Braces .. Hate my Smile! - Wokingham, GB

So after years of hating my teeth I decided it was time to sort them out! I had bucked teeth as a teenager due to thumb sucking all my childhood and I had good old metal full mouth of braces.. unfortunately when I was pregnant with my son I started thin sucking again to get rid of my morning... READ MORE

My Clear Braces Experience - India

I am having overbite and over crowded i decided clear braces. I hate traditional i chosen i am wearing my #1aligner set. Doctor removed my two teeth from lower and two teeth from upper. So much paining. I think next week pain will not be there. I will update... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Previous Ortho Work - Wethersfield, CT

I had been interested in getting braces for a while, but when I was a teenager (and one of six kids) we couldn't afford it. Fast forward to 2015, I said enough was enough. Living on my own, and having a decent savings, I decided to take the leap. I went in for a quick consult, and boom!... READ MORE

Smilelign Review South West UK. Chippenham, GB

My experience with Smilelign started on April 21st 2016 when I first went to see a new dentist Dr Chris Lambert-Rose. I did plenty of research on various clear/invisible braces and found that this practice was the closest to me that had really good reviews. The practice is based in Chippenham,... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces, Third Times a Charm? - Williamsport, PA

39 year old female, three kids, getting ceramic braces for the third time. In the early 90's I had my wisdom teeth removed and put into braces. I had some crowding and buck teeth. After 6 months you could see a dramatic difference. I was told 2 years and they would come off. Two years came and... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Trying Clear Image Aligners (Similar to Invisalign), Never Had Braces.

Received my first set on 12/10/14 (almost a month ago) and it was a lot to get used to at first. My teeth hurt a little bit & minor headaches, but nothing crazy. I hated the feeling of plastic in my mouth. My worst concern is that I had a lisp that was pretty noticeable to me especially with... READ MORE

Smilelign Aligners - United Kingdom, GB

Smilelign Clear Braces are relatively new to the market, so I believe. After trying to find as much information as possible about the procedure I was stuck with reading about Invisalign but nothing really regarding Smilelign itself. So here I am, writing my first blog... Hope I don't... READ MORE

Smilelign Clear Braces the U.K equivalent to Invisalign - do Smilelign braces work - well let's see....

Am I too old for braces ? This is the question that I have been asking myself for many years, so at 40 years old I finally took the plunge and booked myself an appointment with a dental practice that when I researched online seemed to come highly recommended and have won many awards over the the... READ MORE

Best Dentist Crear Braces - Dominican Republic

I had braces for just two months at doctor Alonso office that was great. His office is located in a very good area and close to very nice places. About my treatment was clear braces and after two months i got my gap closed. It wasnt uncorfortable to wear and almost not noticeable with clear... READ MORE

Smilelign Clear Aligners - Loughborough, UK

Hi everyone. So I have just started my clear aligner treatment with a UK based company called Smilelign, which seems similar to Invisalign but is cheaper for UK patients as the aligners are made in the UK. I haven't come across any other Smilelign reviews so thought I would start my own. I'm... READ MORE

My Experience with BioLiners - Irving, TX

Bioliner Plus – Five Star Ortho This review is about the Bioliner Plus brand of clear aligners. Bioliners are made by Five Star Otho – a lab based in Denton, TX. The system is gaining popularity slowly - I've noticed a lot more practices are advertising it, but strangely enough there are... READ MORE

Braces Great result !Thanks Dr.Bardawil - Beirut, Lebanon

It took me years to decide to get braces. My anterior teeth didn't hit right my lower teeth and I didn't like the way my teeth looked, but I didn't want a "metal mouth" as an adult. I looked into Clear ceramic braces.My braces were barely noticeable.I love my end result.Thanks Dr... READ MORE

Smilelign Clear Braces Review - Lancashire, GB

I started wearing Smilelign clear braces on 18/11/15 to correct my teeth which have been a source of insecurity all my life. Smilelign is a UK based clear braces provider that is affordable and promises fast results. I have been told that my treatment will take 18 weeks in total.  READ MORE

Clear Braces - Los Gatos, CA

So I have overcrowding at the bottom of my I'm going to fix..most people would say my teeth are fine I dont need braces ...but I rather straighten my teeth a the small gaps I have . I option of pulling 4teeth out or just one of my bottom teeth to straighten my teeth which my... READ MORE

ADULT BRACES? High Recommendations for Dr Alexander - Kissimmee, FL

After BAD experiences with (2) other Orthodontists (& lots of wasted $) found DR. with GENUINE dedication to her craft and MY very specific needs as an adult patient with braces. Not the fanciest office around, but this Orthodontist is one of the FINEST professionals I've ever met! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! READ MORE

Excellent Dentist! - Isle of Man, UK

I went to TRACEY BELL with concerns about my teeth. I wanted a straight white movie star smile. I cannot express how impressed I was with Dr Bell and her team. The practice is beautiful and all the staff are so friendly and helpful. I had my own personal coordinator who answered all of my... READ MORE

Best Experiance - New York, NY


I HIGHLY Recommend my Doctor: I LOVE my New Smile - Sugar Land, TX

ALL positive! I had Dr. Jue put short term orthodontics on me. They were off in time for my BIG wedding! I saw Dr Jue on facebook talking about 6 Month Smiles. I called the next day and got in to start the process. Dr Jue was really great in putting on my braces, I cant wait to have... READ MORE

Depends on Orthodontist.... - Northern Virginia

Invisilign, as a product provider, does not care about you (because you are not a patient) and they won't respond to any inquiry. READ MORE

Clear Aligners Worth It

Had traditional metal braces when I was younger, and was not given a 'life retainer.' As a result, my upper teeth had moved marginally (most people say my teeth aren't that bad). The front two teeth are quite large and protuded slightly. For a long time I wanted to get them... READ MORE

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