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Spots and Scars on Legs and Thighs: Will Skin Peeling Remove Them?

Whenever i am bitten by mosquitoes, i would get a red bump which will later turn into a sore. after that sore is heal it would leave a very dark spot.... READ MORE

Chemical Peel on Butt, Waist and Leg?

My butt and waist and leg is really much darker than the rest of my body.  Will Chemical Peel work? READ MORE

Can a Blue Peel or TCA Chemical Peel Get Rid of Freckles on my Legs?

Can a blue peel or TCA peel be done on legs to remove freckles and be safe and effective? Thanks Randy READ MORE

I Have Dark Spots and Discolouration on my Legs and Thighs, What Would Be the Best Solution for This Problem? (photo)

I can't wear shorts or skirts and i am embarrassed about my skin. Would chemical peels work? READ MORE

Which Chemical Peel for Old Marks and Blemishes on Legs?

I'm African-American (brown/dark skinned) and I have really bad marks and blemishes from old mosquito bites from the Carribean. I'm so... READ MORE

Skin Peel on Legs for Bumps, Uneven Skin Tone (African American)

I have dark skin and have issues with uneven skin tone and a small section of hair bumps around my inner thigh, by my knee. I am wonderwing if a skin... READ MORE

I Had a Chemical Peel On My Legs and Now Have Hyperpigmentation. What Can I Do?

I had my legs chemically peeled first week of august and they applied 2 coats of the solution. the following day i came back and there were dark areas... READ MORE

Messed Up Chemical Peel? (photo)

Hi I did a 50 percent chemical peel on my leg and it burned and I washed it off its been 5 days and I ripped of the dead skin the problem is I can't... READ MORE

Chemical Peel to Treat Chicken Pox Scars on Legs?

I have old brown ckicken pox scars on my leg. Will Chemical peel work on it? I hope it's going to work out for me. If not, what should I do? READ MORE

Will a Chemical Peel Reduce the Depth of Stretch Marks?

I am looking into treatment of new/old stretch marks. I have stretch marks on my butt, thighs, and knees. However it is not the color of the marks... READ MORE

Can I get a chemical peel on my legs to get rid of dark spots on legs (strawberry legs), if not what can be done? (Photo)

I have alot of dark spots on my legs (strawberry legs). I hate them and want them to lighten up or disappear. My legs are very light so they show. It... READ MORE

How to get rid of the dead flaky skin after a chemical peel? (Photo)

Please help! I did a chemical peel on my legs 1 month ago! The skin went dark and now flaky! Super ugly and uncomfortable! It has been more than 30... READ MORE

How can I remove these dark spots on my legs completely? I tried epilator and laser treatment but it didn't work (Photo)

These spots are caused due to waxing or any type of hair removal I do. I tried epilator and laser treatment but it didnt work for me. Also, how much... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peel on Legs and Back Help in Eliminating Black Spots?

I'm talking about black spots on my legs and back NOT scars. I've been having them for 10 months. I started a chemical peeling last week, now my legs... READ MORE

How can I recover from this chemical peel burn on feet and hands? (Photo)

Hi, I've used some products that were very strong containing both glycolic and lactic acid to get rid of unevenness and bad discolorations on my feet,... READ MORE

I applied olive oil for a week. I got a chemical acid peeling at my legs and butt, A skin layer got peeled off then dark scar?

I applied olive oil for a week then, I followed another doctor's prescription and applied: 1- "Bio-Taches Emulsion" twice a day for a month 2-... READ MORE

What is the Best Type of Chemical Peel to Use for Scars on Legs?

I have some scars on my legs that I would like to improve and was wondering if a chemical peel could make them any less noticeable. The scars I have... READ MORE

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