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Glytone Enerpeel EL for Eyes & Lips?

Recommended treatment is 3-4 peels. Is it worthwhile for $500 - $900? READ MORE

Options for At-home Peel for Sun Spots?

I am 40 yrs old, fair to medium skin. I have many sunspots across my face (baked on Florida beaches for years). It is the worst on my left cheek bone... READ MORE

Chemical Peel the Best Way to Reduce Fine Lines?

I'm 40 years old and have been getting botox for crow's feet for the last 4 years. I also get it under my eyes, but I was wondering if there was a... READ MORE

Still Scarred 5 Weeks After Under Eye Chemical Peel, Skin Looks Plastic

I researched plastic surgeons and found one in NYC that specializes in faces, I had an under eye chemical peel almost six weeks ago. The PS told me i... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Hyperpigmentation Around the Eyes?

The area around my eyes seems to tan and become darker than the rest of my face. Is Chemical Peel the answer to even out my skintone? READ MORE

3 step peel.

Hi I've had 3 3 step peel by as ZO doctor I've been his model as he's teaching others I'm worried that the skin around my eyes is getting thinner i've... READ MORE

Will hyperpigmentation from glycolic acid peel go away? (photo)

Before I tried chemical peels I had PIH from acne. It was pretty moderate. I decided to try a glycolic peel. The first peel went ok but frosted a bit... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark Lines on Carribean Skin?

I am a Black Caribbean, and I'm wanting to know if Chemical Peel would work for me and if so what type? I am dark skinned with really dark lines under... READ MORE

Does Chemical Peel Under Eyes Cause Pressure on the Eyeballs?

I have an eye issue that is aggravated by trauma and/or a lot of pressure to the eye. I am going in for another procedure and was planning on adding... READ MORE

Miss miserable in Malibu tonight. I had chemical peel for the first time today with Botox?

Hi.I am worried that the Botox that got in my eye could make me go blind. Will it be ok, Also my face is red and itchy in places It was a pre base... READ MORE

Is it normal to have sandpaper texture after Hetter peel?

Hello, I have reached out once before about this issue, but not receiving much help. I had a Hetter peel done on my eye area seven weeks ago. I have a... READ MORE

Are bumpy, rough patches around eyes normal after Hetter Peel?

Hello, I had a Hetter peel done around my eyes almost 3.5 weeks ago and I am experiencing extremely rough, bumpy, dry skin. The derm keeps telling me... READ MORE

Chemical peel went inside my eyes. Is my cornea damage? What will be the short & long term affect?

Yesterday I had a chemical peel at a dr. office. Its called I-Brighten, her esthetician performed this peel, U leave it for 4 hours then wash it off.... READ MORE

I want to see a dermatologist for fine lines around my eyes.

I would like to see a dermatologist around the Livonia, Mich area that has an array of chemical peels READ MORE

How can I treat these under eye and upper cheek wrinkles? 38 years old (Photo)

I have had fillers and Botox, and they help a little, but when I smile, it's all wrinkles again. I'm torn on what to try next- Chemical peel or... READ MORE

I have a very dark spot around my eyes area - What Will Lighten it? (Photo)

I have dark spot on around my eyes skin..i checked this many doctor...it is DNA problem ..my father also this type dark spot and grand mom had also..... READ MORE

What to do about rough, odd texture skin around eyes after chemical peel?

Had a Hetter peel by board certified derm about 4 months ago. Left me w/bumpy, rough texture around my eyes. Still very red. Doc said normal, not to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a medium chemical peel 4 mths after restylane in TT? Will this help pigmentation caused by injection?

I had restylane about 2mths ago. I was happy with 1 eye but he over filled the other. I have decided to wait it out (max a year) and hopefully it will... READ MORE

I Had a Deep Chemical Peel on my Eyes in May?

It is now September and my eyes are still very pink. I look like a raccoon. What can be done to help my pigmintation? READ MORE

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