Blackheads + Chemical Peel

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Best Chemical Peel for Whiteheads and Blackheads?

I have breakouts, white and blackheads and deep acne scars. What Chemical peel would you suggest? READ MORE

What's the best way to treat damaged skin from squeezing blackheads?

Although I realize that squeezing blackheads is tremendously bad for your skin, I have gotten in the habit of doing so for the past couple of months.... READ MORE

‚ÄčI'm 28 yrs old, I want to get rid of blackheads & have smaller pores on my nose, would chemical peels be a good option for me?

I bought it do it yourself Perfect Image Salicylic acid peel with tea tree oil and green tea... I am just concern whether I am doing more harm to my... READ MORE

Is Melanage the Correct Procedure For My Skin Issues And Dark Skin?

I am an African American female with medium complextion. I have fairly large pores on my face on the cheek area, acne scaring as well as blackheads... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous To Use 20% Salicylic Acid/Chemical Peel to Get Rid of Blackheads on a Body and Face?

I would like to try this peel and I saw that it's possible to buy it without prescription. Is it dangerous to use without consulting a dermatologist? READ MORE

At-home Chemical Peel Regimen for Oily Skin?

I have acne prone skin and I've tried everything that my dermatologist has given me, from antibiotics and four different skin regiments. The only... READ MORE

Will a profound chemical peel remove all my white and blackheads?

Last year i had several superficial chemical peels to remove my comedonal acne. it worked well but i still get many comedones on my cheeks. i want to... READ MORE

Clearing tiny under the skin bumps as well as black and whiteheads. Suggestions on peels/topical or oral treatments?

I've always had perfect skin with my old dermatologist he had me on duac and differin but I had moved and can't go see him. When I moved I noticed I... READ MORE

What chemical peel is best for blackhead/whitehead on chin?

I have blackhead and whitehead in chin, it's usually not visible but after shower,I see a lot of it in my chin area. Which chemical peel will work... READ MORE

Effect of chemical peel on semi-permanent makeup?

I was thinking of getting a chemical peel to help me control the out break of blackheads on my nose , problem is I had an embarrassing white scar... READ MORE

Very large pores and blackheads on nose. Tried Retin A for years and no change. I'm disgusted and not any younger.

No photosbest bet ...chemical peel. Laser? I also have sensitive skin and redden quickly READ MORE

Chemical peel for whiteheads, blackheads, acne on butt, dark elbows and knees and for suntan? (Photo)

Hi, my face, hands,butts look darker than rest of my body. I have few whiteheads,blackheads, on my nose and chin. i also have dark elbows and knees.... READ MORE

What should I do to get rid of forehead whitehead/blackheads? Can any peels be used on it? (Photo)

I am suffering from blackheads /whiteheads from 2years 19year old female. I popped them up using extractor blackheads are gone but I could see marks... READ MORE

Should I keep using OleHenricksen Power Peel?

I recently bought OleHenricksen Power Peel from Sephora because I was looking for something to get rid of my blackheads and acne scars. I hardly had... READ MORE

What type of peel do I need? (Photos)

I have a compulsive disorder and picked my face when I thought there was a black head on my left cheek. I also get cystatic acne from time to time. I... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel should I get?

Hi doctors, I want to know what kind of chemical peel would you recommend for me? I'm 23, My skin is oily..I have fine lines"smile lines" I would like... READ MORE

What chemical peel would give me nice young skin? (Photos)

I'm only 23 with these blemishes on my cheeks. I have rough skin n large pores stubborn black heads and some kinda dented holes on my cheeks.  READ MORE

Which peel should I do first? I'm a first-timer chemical peel user.

Hello, I have never done a chemical peel before and want to do it the right way. I have some discoloration on my skin, it needs to be toned, and some... READ MORE

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