Butt Implants Videos

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Results

Dr. Moises Salama shares a images before and after a Brazilian butt lift. Hips, flanks and back were liposuctioned for fat transfer to buttocks. VIEW NOW

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Switch From Butt Implants to a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Moises Salama removes buttock implants for a woman because they had ruptured after 9 years. He then performs a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer to restore that volume without needing implants. VIEW NOW


Butt Transformation: See Her Results 2 Months Later With 548cc Butt Implants and Fat Transfer

Dr. Johnny Franco shares this woman's results two month after her butt augmentation with 548cc implants and a fat transfer. The combination of liposculpting, butt implants and fat transfer gives her an hourglass figure. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift: The Technique for a Kardashian Result

Dr. Marc DuPéré demonstrates the augmented buttock prior to injecting fat in the lower, outer areas to achieve the "A" shape. VIEW NOW

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Hourglass Butt Augmentation: See These Before and Afters

Dr. Matthew Nykiel shares before and after photos of butt augmentation procedures, including liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift, butt Implants, or a combination of the two. VIEW NOW


See the Immediate Results Before and After This Woman's Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Dr. Moises Salama shares these before and after photos of this woman's BBL procedure. VIEW NOW

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Butt Augmentation: Square to Hourglass Figure Transformation (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Johnny Franco performs a butt augmentation with 548cc round silicone butt implants, liposculpture and a fat transfer to achieve an hourglass figure for this woman. VIEW NOW


Revision Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a BBL with fat transfer and liposuction on this woman. After getting a butt implant surgery abroad, she had to have her implants removed due to infection. Fat transfer its the safest option for most patients. VIEW NOW

Butt Augmentation: Woman Models Her Bikini After 548cc Butt Implants and Fat Transfer

Dr. Johnny Franco shares these results of a butt augmentation with 548cc round silicone butt implants and 400cc of fat transfer to each side of the butt. She models her results in a stunning red bikini. VIEW NOW

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Butt Augmentation: Options for Your Desired Look

Dr. Charles Perry discusses circumstances where gluteal implants can bring more shape to the butt. In some situations both fat transfer and butt implants are required. VIEW NOW

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Longevity of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Kim discusses Brazilian butt lift surgery and how long it lasts as opposed to butt augmentation with implants. VIEW NOW

See an Embrace Scar Therapy Application and Results

Dr. Edward Miranda demonstrates application of Embrace scar therapy to a C-section scar. The dressing relieves pressure and tension surrounding an incision which allows scars to heal thinner & flatter than it would otherwise. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift: The Secret to a Beautiful Butt

Dr. Pete Driscoll discusses his technique to getting a beautiful result for your BBL procedure, live from AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Picking Your Implants: Gluteal Implants vs. Breast Implants

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe describes the differences in choosing breast implant size and gluteal implant size. VIEW NOW

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Butt Implants vs. Fat Transfer: Which Is Right for Me?

Dr. Barry Citron shares tips on determining the right butt augmentation procedure, live at PSTM 2016.Explore financing your procedure with CareCredit VIEW NOW