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Bruising After Bilateral Lateral Brow Lift

Hi there, I had a bilateral lateral brow lift yesterday afternoon (the 18th of July) and have noticed deep purple bruising around my left eye (quite a... READ MORE

How much Bruising After Eyebrow Lift?

How long and how much bruising is involved with endoscopic browlift? READ MORE

3 Days Post Bilateral Eyebrow Lift: Eyes Look Slanted

Hi, it is now day 3 after the above surgery on my eyebrows (op day 18th July). My head is still bandaged (going to take off tomorrow) and I have a lot... READ MORE

Brow Lift Anchors Did Not Hold - What Treatments Will Remedy the Loose Skin?

Doctor says forehead anchor points after coronal brow lift didn't hold. Now eyes are too close to brow & have a "mean look, w/ eye... READ MORE

I just had an "endoscopic brow lift" 8 days ago and my eyelids won't stay closed when I try to sleep. Is this normal?

The surgeon did not use the things on the skull. He pulled up the skin and I have 3 smaller incisions on my scalp. He also said he removed some of the... READ MORE

Blep and endo brow - how long will it take for the bruising to go? (photo)

I had a endoscopic brow lift and a lower blep yesterday, today is my first day. I woke up with bruises and a lot of swelling under my eyes, how long... READ MORE

Painful lump on lateral eyebrow after a brow lift through a blepharoplasty incision. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a bilateral upper blepharoplasty and brow lift (i think a browpexy from what I have read) about two months ago. When I woke up after surgery the... READ MORE

Brows lower 3 months after endoscopic brow lift. Extreme puckering with sutures. Is puckering avoidable? (photo)

Endoscopic brow lift did not hold and brows are now lower than prior and eyelids more hooded. Dr removed sutures on day 11 and claims now, they should... READ MORE

Is eyebrow lift/reshape with filler is right for me? (photos)

I'm interested in reshaping my eyebrow because I think it makes me look like sleepy the end part of my eyebrow is low. I read that filler can fix it,... READ MORE

I had a brow and forehead lift. Can I fly in a week? I am 3 weeks post surgery now.

The visible swelling has gone but I still have considerable pain my feels bruised at touch all over. READ MORE

Is there any possible way I can have a brow lift without the use of epinephrine? (Photo)

My only a-fib episode was 12 years ago. I'm on low dose aspirin, Benazipril, Amiodarone, Lexapro. I use Carbocaine for all dental work. I've had upper... READ MORE

Temporal brow lift day four healing. What can I expect please? I have an important meeting to attend.

Hello I have a managerial meeting I must attend on day four after my temporal brow lift. (I will have two brow incisions to raise the outer corners of... READ MORE

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